NAESsm Corporation, a broad-based provider of services to the energy industry, has entered into a preferred vendor agreement with Safway Services.

NAES endeavors to form relationships with industry-leading companies that provide value to plant owners through preferential services, scheduling priority, and cost concessions commensurate with the volume of business that a given vendor conducts with the NAES operated fleet. The impact of this initiative is evident to almost all NAES operated plants with plant owners benefiting from significant reductions in operating expenses and improved service response.

John Brewster, NAES president and CEO, said: "NAES is focused on safety, compliance, maintenance of asset value, and performance. The performance component itself is multi-dimensional, and includes attainment of technical goals, adherence to operating plans and budget, providing overall cost-effectiveness, and delivering owner satisfaction. Our preferred vendor agreements are designed to deliver value that helps us deliver the best performance so that we enhance an owner’s return." He added: "The addition of Safway to this program demonstrates their commitment to support our efforts to deliver a superior service experience."

Safway has a long history of providing quality services and products to the power industry, with a pervasive focus on safety and efficiency. This partnership further exemplifies the caliber of service that both NAES and Safway expect to offer.

"We’ve partnered with NAES on a number of projects and delivered optimal services to the customer," says Bob Viscomi, power generation industry VP for Safway. "This agreement is the next step in our growing relationship. As a global leader in providing comprehensive services to industries that generate or consume power, NAES Corporation is a strong presence in the energy industry. We look forward to supporting them on an ongoing basis with quality services and products."