Safway Services has launched its new Spanish-language website to better serve Spanish-speaking clients worldwide.

Expected to be an important resource for Safway’s growing number of South American distributors and customers in the construction, petrochemical, power, refining and offshore industries, the site will make it easy to find current information about products and services.

"With more than 50,000 customers worldwide, we realized our English-language website wasn’t meeting the needs of all of our clients," said Ray Arndt, vice president of sales and marketing for Safway. "The launch of the new website in Spanish allows us to better serve our South American and Spanish-speaking customers and communicate with our distributors. As the percentage of Spanish-speaking clientele grows, the site will only become more valuable."

The Spanish-language website does not differ drastically from Safway’s English-language site in order to provide consistency and make it simple to cross reference the same sections on each website. Customers can learn about Safway’s services and products on the site, as well as find contact information for local distributors.

In addition to the launch of the Spanish-language website, Safway has product brochures and additional marketing materials available in Spanish. These materials, in combination with the new website, will provide necessary support to the current distribution network and assist in further business development.