SICA manufactures high-quality burners and components on a third-party basis, for offshore platforms, power, oil and gas, and petrochemical industries.

With extensive know-how, quality certification by the major system certification bodies (such as 9001:2008 – 18001:2007 – 14001:2004), highly specialised human resources and state-of-the-art technology, all backed up by important performance certification programmes (such as ASME IX – UNI EN 287 – UNI EN 15614), SICA is an important point of reference for all designers in the burner industry.

The company has recently adopted the Lean Manufacturing policy in order to guarantee flexibility and reduce costs while continuously pursuing excellence in terms of both quality and service. Furthermore, a new office in Dubai, UAE, has been opened to serve customers in the Middle Eastern market.

SICA’s headquarters.
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SICA’s high-tech machine.

Manufacturing burners and components

SICA’s strength and pride is its structured and articulated production area, enabling the satisfaction of a wide variety of requests with our long-lasting entrepreneurial experience. This means a manufacturing versatility with no limits in terms of customisation, thanks also to our cutting-edge technology and skilled engineering personnel.

From the design consultancy and feasibility studies to the prototyping phases or product industrialisation, SICA’s industrial process can satisfy any market requests using complete production autonomy.

R&D for the offshore industry

SICA makes constant investments in R&D into new materials, including thermal and non-thermal steels. SICA maintains an up-to-date machine park so as to maximise production reliability and precision, while investing in special fabrication processes for welding and testing to achieve performance excellence.

SICA’s commitment to R&D aims also to find new manufacturing technologies to contain costs and lead-times during the industrialisation phase and to provide support to prototyping.

Quality management and industry standards

The development process is based on Total Quality, recognised by international certifications, which is used in every production phase. This means conformity to international standards, in order to provide added value by granting safety to employees and respecting the environment.

About SICA

With more than 50 years in business, SICA, based in Legnago in the province of Verona, Italy, is renowned for Italian excellence. Since its incorporation in 1963, SICA has continued to develop and achieve company objectives and success on the market.

Growth accelerated in the mid-1990s when the entrepreneurial spirit and keen eye for innovation of Steno Carpi, SICA’s current CEO, and his brother Alessandro Carpi, paved the way to an exponential increase in both sales and technology.

Today, the quality of products manufactured by SICA is recognised worldwide.