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Industrial Cleaning and Waste Management Solutions

Sureclean supplies high-pressure (HP) and ultra-high pressure (UHP) water jetting and its associated cleaning technologies to support the offshore oil and gas industry.

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Surface preparation using UHP water jetting

Sureclean supplies high-pressure (HP) and ultra-high pressure (UHP) water jetting and its associated cleaning technologies to support the offshore oil and gas industry.

High-pressure and ultra-high-pressure water jetting products

Sureclean’s specially engineered equipment and accessories, combined with safe operational systems, mean that HP or UHP water jetting can be used for a wide range of applications.

Also known as hydroblasting, water jetting is regularly used in the offshore industry as an environmentally sensitive cleaning technique.

Sureclean’s extensive fleet of ATEX and NORSOK certified water jetting units are suitable for a range of services, including cold-cutting, pipework descaling (including tube bundle and heat exchangers), caisson and offshore drain cleaning.

Sureclean’s tank cleaning solutions facilitate maintenance and inspection.
The company offers industrial painting services to support asset integrity
NORM surveying is performed by Sureclean-trained radiation protection supervisors (RPS).
Camera inspections can be carried out for post-clean surveys.
Asbestos removal is accomplished during topsides decommissioning.
Vacuum transfer successfully removes waste material.

Tank and vessel cleaning and decontamination services

Sureclean safely and efficiently performs tank and vessel cleaning on board drilling rigs, offshore platforms and within FPSO ballast, oil storage and process systems.

The company has developed a range of technologies and methods using chemical decontamination, tank cleaning heads, vacuum transfer systems and other optimum pumping solutions, which minimise the time spent inside tanks and vessels.

In the event of a man-entry requirement, Sureclean’s highly trained workforce specialises in all aspects of tank management and safety support.

Vacuum transfer and specialist pumping solutions

Sureclean owns an extensive inventory of vacuum transfer systems and complimentary pumping equipment, which offers a high-quality removal of waste materials from tanks or vessels.

Heavy crude oil sludge is often required to be moved up to 30m vertically and 60m horizontally, and Sureclean has engineered bespoke vacuum solutions that remove dry powder, sand, sludge and slurries at up to 12m³/h, using airflows of up to 9,400m³/h.

Offshore fire integrity systems management

The performance of active firewater systems throughout an asset’s lifecycle is a vital part of saving lives in the event of an emergency.

Sureclean provides a range of fire integrity management solutions, including inspection and fire main cleaning, deluge system integrity assurance, foam testing, deluge valve service maintenance and temporary fire monitor cover.

HVAC / duct cleaning and surveying

Sureclean has the knowledge, experience and technology to safely and effectively complete HVAC / duct cleaning operations, providing clients with the re-assurance that their HVAC / duct system is clean and operating efficiently.

The company also works with others who specialise in offshore HVAC / duct system repairs in the delivery of an integrated maintenance solution and assisting our clients with the establishment of comprehensive planned HVAC maintenance routines (PMRs).

Asset integrity solutions and industrial coating services

Sureclean’s comprehensive fabric maintenance service provides optimum integrity solutions for offshore platforms, rigs and FPSOs.

Using UHP water jetting technologies, and traditional abrasive or mechanical methods, the company offers a comprehensive industrial coating and surface preparation service.

Having prepared the surface, Sureclean can later apply the required coating to provide an effective barrier to combat corrosion.

NORM (LSA) surveying, monitoring and descaling projects

Radioactive waste, such as naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM) are often present aboard FPSOs and production platforms, and need to be handled and treated appropriately. NORM waste is governed by strict legislation and if not correctly identified, can cause health-and-safety issues.

Sureclean is experienced in NORM management projects, and has trained and experienced radiation protection supervisors (RPS) to provide onsite assistance, including NORM surveying and monitoring in addition to guidance in minimising the risk of exposure to personnel and the environment.

Asbestos management and removal techniques

Asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) were previously used in many applications, including fireproofing and are usually found on production and drilling installations in areas such as control and engine rooms, as well as accommodation modules.

As part of the ‘special waste’ management portfolio, Sureclean offers an asbestos management and handling service.

Trained asbestos surveyors solve the problem of locating asbestos; undertake asbestos management surveys and refurbishment demolition surveys. Thereafter, if asbestos removal is deemed the best option, our asbestos operatives can ensure its safe removal, transportation and disposal.

Sureclean also provides surveying and removal of other specialist coatings and common fireproofing materials, such as chartek and mandolite.

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