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Welaptega Saves Money with 3D-Modelling for Post-Incident Response

Offshore assets often get damaged: they get bent, dented, dropped or even broken. These common offshore impacts cost operators millions in repairs, downtime, lost production and they jeopardise operational safety.

In recent years we’ve seen damaged assets like a snapped mooring or leaking wellhead lead to catastrophe.

Welaptega Marine delivers fast, accurate, actionable, and above all engineering-grade information so that you can verify and remedy damage caused by offshore impact incidents.

The 3D-modelling post-incident response system is operated by Welaptega’s expert engineering team. We offer you complete data for diagnosis on the damage your subsea assets have suffered.

We deploy our state-of-the-art 3D-modelling technology to collect precise data that is delivered to you in concise professional reports and CAD models that can help identify and repair problems.

This work is used to satisfy regulators, insurance providers and other stakeholders to show that you are doing everything necessary to maintain the integrity and operational safety of your facility on-time and within budget.

Our clients have used our 3D-modelling for post-incident response to act on problems impacting:

  • Collapsed risers
  • Jacket and cross member
  • Pipeline damage e.g. anchor drag, trawler damage
  • Dropped object issues

Welaptega brings a depth of experience in working on critical projects: for example in the catastrophic Deepwater Horizon incident in the Gulf of Mexico, Welaptega post-incident 3D modeling was used to confirm the required dimensions of the cap fabricated to seal the well.

You can’t choose when you’re going to have an impact incident but you can choose Welaptega’s industry-best tools and solutions today to resolve problems.

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