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Welaptega at the Emerging FPSO Forum, Texas

Welaptega Marine, world leader in mooring integrity verification, will join FPSO experts from around the world this week at the Emerging FPSO Forum in Galveston, Texas, to discuss unexpected problems discovered during subsea surveys.

Welaptega offshore project manager Tyler De Gier will make a presentation entitled "Recent experiences in Mooring and Riser System Integrity: Unexpected Results."

The talk will focus on problems such as accelerated mooring chain corrosion and narrowing and misaligned flash butt welds.
The talk will be given Wednesday, 26 September 2:15 pm. during the session on moorings and risers session.

Recent mooring failures such as the Maersk Gryphon A in February 2011 resulted in insured losses of $1.6bn. This has caused operators and industry insurers to re-examine their exposure to risk and unexpected problems which occur with safety critical systems.

The Emerging FPSO Forum brings together FPSO experts with real-world experience with FPSOs. These experts discuss the latest developments in the realm of FPSO technology and provide case histories on new techniques.

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