Weldadvice is a provider of safe and highly skilled welding engineering and inspection services for the offshore sector. The company is committed to delivering continuously high-quality services, and takes great responsibility in ensuring compliance with the latest industry specifications.

We place heavy emphasis on flexibility and an ability to accommodate the needs of customers without compromising on safety, and we believe this conviction will benefit both the customer and the company in the long term.

Our trained and experienced employees are dedicated to providing customers with products and services that are tailored to meet their individual needs and requirements.

NDT engineering and inspection services for offshore sites

Our experienced welding and NDT engineers and Frosio Level 3 inspectors cover all aspects of NDT inspection, from specification interpretation clearance to the final handing over your product to the customer. Alternatively, we can ensure sub-suppliers fulfil all necessary specifications and defined standards before final release.

Weldadvice conducts detailed structural analysis, logistical calculations and concept drawings for a wide range of welding tasks, providing companies with the information they need to carry out projects safely and efficiently.
We offer easy-laser measurement and positive material identification services, in addition to specialist non-invasive radiographic testing procedures.
We provide high-quality, Level III-accredited support across the entire lifespan of a welding project, from the initial specification proposals to final product handover.
Weldadvice is well-equipped to act as third-party accreditors of welders and welding operators, ensuring all welding activities are conducted as safely and efficiently as possible by highly trained staff.
Weldadvice’s team is happy to provide insight regarding correct preparation for NDT projects, as well as ASNT-assured interpretations of the test’s final results.

We can become your safety guard against misinterpretation, non-contractual requirements, incomplete fulfilment of specifications, and ultimately loss of revenue and delayed deliveries.

Weldadvice can carry out the entire project, or the following services can be requested either individually or in bespoke combinations according to client needs:

  • Welding supervision / site management support
  • Interpretation of specifications and codes
  • Welding procedure tests such as WPQT, WPQR and WPS
  • Welder and welder operator certification
  • Non-destructive testing (NDT)
  • Advanced NDT
  • NDT supervision and surveys
  • Qualification of NDT personnel
  • Project management
  • Coating supervision and inspection
  • Qualification of suppliers
  • Supplier Review
  • Quality assurance according to ISO 3834-
  • Laboratory tests and analysis
  • Product drawing in 2D / 3D

Welding engineering, supervision and coordination for marine platforms

Weldadvice has many years of experience within the areas of welding engineering, coordination and supervision as consultant engineers within the energy, oil and gas, wind turbine sectors, as well as various power, shipbuilding, marine and medical environments.

The scope of our services ranges from assuming responsibility as the overall welding coordinator / engineer on the project, as supervisor to support the superintendent to the execution of welding procedure tests, PWPS, WPQR and WPS, and as an accredited third-party certifier of welders and welding operators.

Approval of project quality documents, survey and review of materials and traceability are also provided, including the verification of mill certificates.

NDE / NDT Services for quality assurance

Weldadvice provides NDT inspection services worldwide, covering the most-used standard methods including visual inspection (VT), magnetic particle (MT), liquid penetrant (PT) and ultrasonic (UT) testing according to European standards and ASNT.

Radiographic testing (RT) and X-ray services are also available depending on the intended location and legislation. Other advanced methods such as phased array can also be implemented when required.

Our experienced and qualified Level 3 NDT engineers offer a comprehensive service, from early preparation support for NDT procedures through to reviews and interpretations of results according to European, American specifications, as well as other codes and regulations when necessary.

We also provide positive material identification (PMI) testing, Easy-Laser measurements and more.

Coating surveys (Frosio Level 3)

Weldadvice provides Frosio Level 3 coating supervision and inspection, and our experienced inspectors are able to perform wide-ranging reviews of compliance with specifications and guidelines, including laboratory and on-site testing of surfaces and adhesion.

We also conduct reliable supervision and interpretation services regarding the application of coating systems in accordance with specifications and requirements.

Root cause analysis and corrective actions for offshore locations

Weldadvice is ready to support customers in critical situations by delivering reliable root cause, design and failure analysis procedures.

We also provide a number of fracture mechanics and structure calculations, advanced FEM analyses and are able to give expert advice regarding preventive and corrective actions.

About Weldadvice

Weldadvice was founded in 2002 and has since then been a serious and recognised provider of specialised welding engineering services to steel manufacturers across Denmark and worldwide.

The company provides a wide range of services to the oil and gas, wind turbine, boiler and pressure equipment industries, in addition to the shipbuilding, marine and power sectors. We are based in Denmark, Sweden and Texas, US, and provide our services globally.

We take great pride in keeping up to date with frontline knowledge and technology, and always act with great responsibility to ensure the safety of both our customers and products.

Weldadvice is dedicated to providing a professional, accommodating and flexible service, with continuing focus on our responsibility to ensure that all specifications and requirements are fulfilled.