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Noise and Acoustic Control Products and Structures

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Industrial Acoustics Company (IAC), a market leader since 1949, offers imaginative solutions to a wide range of noise pollution and sound quality problems. IAC supplies a large and diverse noise control product range to over 50 countries throughout the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Pacific Rim. Its products are 100% acoustically rated, quality assured (ISO 9000:2000) and BS EN ISO 14001 environment management registered.

IAC’s global headquarters are in Winchester, UK. The company has manufacturing facilities of over 21,400m² (230,000ft²) in four countries and more than 1,000 employees, representatives and licensees worldwide.

Air-filtration and silencer systems

IAC supplies turnkey, noise-controlled air-filtration packages for high-technology shipboard and land-based gas turbine engines. Our power plant silencer systems, designed for use in the utilities, chemical and oil and gas industries, incorporate ‘power-flow’ silencers and modular acoustic enclosures for gas turbine and diesel-engine operated power plants, offshore platforms, pipelines, compressors, transformers, blowdown valves and more.

IAC provides noise-controlled air-filtration packages for shipboard gas turbine engines and silencer systems for use in the oil and gas industry.
IAC offers a range of sound-absorbing modular panels, which control noise and are made with rugged, abuse and fire-resistant galvanised steel.
IAC provides anti-vibration mounts to control noise and vibration in offshore industry.
IAC’s acoustic doors have an acoustic rating of up to STC 64 and have been installed worldwide.
IAC’s range of silencers can be used for air-conditioning system noise control.

Silencers, acoustic louvres and anti-vibration mounts

IAC’s Quiet Duct silencers, Conic Flow silencers and Quiet Flow plenums all control noise from air-conditioning systems. Quiet vent silencers allow conversational privacy, while the cooling tower silencers, Noishield© and Slimshield© acoustic louvres, and anti-vibration mounts for plant and equipment rooms are effective noise suppressors for reduce noise pollution. Low-noise air handing units are ideal for fast-track construction projects.

Silencers, acoustic enclosures and noise barriers

Our silencers and acoustic enclosures provide noise reduction for manufacturing / process industries, while our rugged noise barriers reduce noise pollution from factories, roads and railways.

Sound absorption systems

IAC offers a proven range of sound-absorbing modular panels for controlling noise and reducing distracting echo or reverberation inside buildings. The panels create an acoustically softer, more pleasant ambience and improve speech intelligibility. Available in thicknesses of 50mm and 100mm, and in lengths of up to 3,660mm, the panels may be suspended from ceilings or simply attached to walls.

Manufactured from rugged, abuse-resistant and fire-resistant 0.76mm galvanised steel, Varitone is available in a wide range of attractive finishes, including PPC and vinyl, which are both hard-wearing and easy to clean.

IAC offers a full acoustical evaluation service to determine the correct position, size and quantity of panels required to achieve effective reverberation control in any given environment.

Sound absorptive panels and anti-vibration mounts

IAC’s sound-absorptive wall and ceiling panels for plant rooms are used to combat noise and vibration. IAC’s extensive range of anti-vibration mounts is used to combat structure-borne noise and vibration. The range has been specifically designed for creating floating floors.

Acoustic doors

Our acoustic doors are the perfect choice for plant rooms / HVAC enclosures and have an acoustic rating of up to STC 64. We have installed over 100,000 doors worldwide.

Air handling units

IAC is the UK’s leading provider of custom-engineered air handling units (AHUs). AHUs are the best choice for ‘new build’, high-rise commercial buildings as they are compact, low noise (10dB-15dB quieter than conventional AHUs), has a duty range of 5m³/s – 18m³/s, and are suitable for all central plant / outside air and DX applications. All AHUs are thoroughly performance-tested prior to installation.

Ventilation duct silencers

IAC rectangular and cylindrical duct silencers provide effective, predictable noise reduction with substantial savings compared to other methods. IAC products are laboratory developed and tested under controlled conditions. In addition, they are manufactured to specific metal tolerances and with controlled acoustic infill flow resistances to achieve consistent results.

IAC has over 30 designs of ventilation duct silencers, a wide range of performance options and special low frequency, fibre-free and cross-talk models.

Eco-friendly silencers

IAC has introduced the first British-made ‘green’ silencer range for air handling applications. With acoustic infill material made from specially-developed post-industrial organic fibre, IAC is continuing to set the industry standard by providing eco-friendly alternatives to suit today’s construction agenda. The new silencer range offers a solution to today’s increasing requirements for eco-friendly HVAC systems.

The silencers’ acoustic fill is manufactured from 100% post-industrial recycled organic material, thereby reducing landfill. It requires a minimum amount of energy to manufacture – aiding energy conservation – and is easy to handle, without skin irritation.

The Quiet Duct ultra-green silencer fill is mould and fire-resistant and contains no harmful airborne particulates, formaldehyde or fibreglass, ensuring peace of mind in indoor air-conditioned environments.


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