LORD provides valuable expertise in active and passive vibration, motion and shock control; condition monitoring; magnetically responsive technologies; adhesives; coatings; and electronic materials. Our dedicated teams work in collaboration with our customers to increase the value and durability of their products in the most challenging environments.

Innovative and responsive to the dynamic needs of the offshore industry, we are focused on providing product and process solutions for our customers worldwide.

Active vibration and motion control systems

LORD provides a wide range of proven technologies in active vibration and motion control. Our active vibration control (AVC) systems are becoming standard equipment on most of the world's helicopters, increasing performance while saving weight.

The LORD real-time balancing system continuously monitors vibration levels.
Our innovative force generators for active vibration control.
Flexible HCL bearings from LORD are designed in several configurations.
We provide custom design, manufacturing and testing of passive mounts and isolators.
Adhesive, coatings and electronic materials are also among our solution offerings.

Real-time balancing and feedback systems for rotating equipment

Real-time balancing and feedback systems are permanently installed on rotating equipment to continuously monitor vibration levels, and make balancing corrections as equipment operates, extending maintenance intervals and improving component reliability. Thousands of systems are installed worldwide.

Magneto-rheological fluids and devices

We are the world leader in magneto-rheological (MR) fluids and devices, providing active damping systems with more than 500,000 MR systems implemented globally.

Condition monitoring and torque measurement

We have also developed a system for high-accuracy measurement and monitoring of torque in dynamic systems, which is currently implemented in the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. This innovative technology can be applied more broadly to rotating equipment and turbomachinery applications.

Flexible joints for drilling risers and TLP connections

LORD pioneered the use of elastomeric high capacity laminate (HCL) bearings for use in drilling and deepwater production applications in the late 1970s. Our technology has enabled deepwater drilling and TLP production since its implementation in 1976.

We've continued to innovate HCL bearing technology by adding condition monitoring features and improved inspection protocols for our aerospace customers.

Custom passive vibration, motion and shock control systems

From shale shaker isolators to diesel generator mounts to pipeline dampers to flexible couplings, LORD has been providing passive vibration, motion and noise control solutions for decades. We specialize in designing custom solutions for our customers, as well as offering a wide range of catalog parts for more common needs.

Acrylic, epoxy and urethane adhesives and coatings

LORD is a pioneer and a world leader in adhesives solutions with more than a half a century of experience in developing and manufacturing high performance adhesives products. As a technology-based company, we're proud to offer a range of solutions utilizing acrylic, epoxy and urethane technologies. From electronics to aerospace to construction, our product lines continue to grow.

Potting, coating and encapsulant for electronic circuit assemblies

LORD provides advanced potting, coating and encapsulant solutions for electronic circuit assembly, as well as hybrid/component thick film materials and semiconductor packaging, and thermal management materials. These materials are used in challenging downhole environments by leaders in MWD, LWD, and other downhole tool manufacturing.