Founded in 2007 by Richard A Sandvik, Rcontainer AS is a serious player in the offshore container and general container industry. Our advantage is the ability to customize our products to customer needs in both large and small projects. Our goal is to become a complete supplier to industrial and consumer markets with products at the right price and high quality. We strive intensely to be very competitive on price and quality.

Rcontainer is always looking for new products and suppliers that can help us become a complete supplier in the market. In 2009, we experienced strong growth and revenues of about MNOK 10. Our market segments comprise containers, offshore containers, A60-modules, modular units, toilets and aggregates.

Storage and technical offshore containers

We provide everything from simple storage containers to the more sophisticated technical offshore containers. Our product range is very wide, and we are happy to share our knowledge and experience with you about customer-friendly container and module solutions. The advantages of container / modular solutions are:

  • Suitable for transportation by boat, car, train and airplane
  • Flexible platforms that can be adapted to needs
  • Standardization ensures reasonable prices and good quality

We provide you with a fixed supplier agreement, ensuring you the best rates at any time, as well as comprehensive transportation prices.

A standard offshore container. <br><br><br><br><br><br>
A tailored offshore container.<br><br><br><br><br><br>
A 15ft half height offshore container.<br><br><br><br><br><br>
A 22ft open-top offshore container.<br><br><br><br><br><br>
Subsea-basket for X-over subs.

Customized offshore containers

We deliver offshore modules approved for rig, elevated and fixed installations. We ship normally in accordance with our standard sizes, however, we can also customize according to your wishes and to the desired dimension. With the strict requirements of the certificates, quality and delivery within special containers for the offshore market, we are proud to deliver the best solutions at the best prices. We provide:

  • Accommodation units
  • Laboratory modules
  • Mud logging cabins
  • ROV modules
  • Control modules
  • Ablution modules
  • Special modules

Offshore modules – production by subscription

Given the current market and the challenges we encounter, we are proud to deliver products that meet the government’s strict requirements for safety and the environment.

With this focus, all modules are produced according to customers’ demands, requirements, needs, and the government’s general requirements.

Our suppliers provide us with the highest priority on all projects in offshore modules, which provide short delivery times.

With ultra-modern manufacturing techniques and requirements for production equipment, we supply only top quality.

Standard offshore cargo containers

Our range of standard containers includes:

  • 8ft, 10ft, 15ft, 20ft, 40ft DNV-certified containers
  • A range of various DNV-certified cargo baskets
  • Optional colors and logos are available
  • The containers are delivered to the suitable port by agreement

We also supply containers with NORSOK-specified surface treatment and coating. These products are documented down to the smallest weld seam. We supply for both large and small projects.

Subsea and H2S-shelter products

Rcontainer also specializes in basket configurations for subsea applications and use. The baskets are treated according to NORSOK requirements for subsea use.

We possess the engineering and designing capabilities to deliver projects like overpressure H2S Safe Havens for operators working with the risk of being exposed to the dangerous gas of hydrogen sulphide.

About Rcontainer

We are known for our competitive prices and products. We are especially proud to have some of the market’s best prices, solutions and turnaround times. From our depot in Scotland, we can send offshore containers with short delivery times to Norway. We can also provide containers / frames according to customer needs.

Rcontainer is an innovative company that focuses on hard work and offers customer unique solutions, both on- and offshore. Our business model is the sale and rental of containers, modules, module units, toilets / showers, generators and offshore solutions, etc. for public authorities, large and small companies, organizations and individuals.

We are currently established at Auli, about 50km north-east of Oslo. Here, we have stock, a workshop and offices. Rcontainer is growing rapidly, even internationally. We also have an office in Slovenia. We have a clear goal of becoming the most preferred supplier in our product areas. We offer high-quality standard and customized products at the right price.