In the high-pressure world of oil and gas production, precision and efficiency are not negotiable. Ensuring pipes fit together in an optimum way helps construct pipelines that are stronger, safer and likely to last longer. OMS offers state-of-the-art, award-winning pipe measurement and fit-up services that use the latest technology to help our clients build the best pipelines in the business.

Never completely round

Our extensive experience with pipes has demonstrated that none are ever completely round, however perfect they may look. The manufacturing process causes variations in shape that can lead to misalignment and poor welding. OMS provides a range of services to measure, group and sequence pipes to achieve optimum fit-up and improve weld quality.

Why is fit-up important?

When building a pipeline, understanding the shape of the pipe ends is crucial to integrity, particularly in high-stress areas such as fatigue-sensitive zones, steel catenary risers and stalk tie-ins. Fitting together two pipe ends that are closely matched will lead to a much stronger weld, which is much more likely to pass stringent project standards. Good pipe fit-up means welding and installation can proceed with maximum efficiency while also ensuring a high-quality pipeline with an optimum lifetime.

Laser end measurement with the AutoTool

The OMS AutoTool is a state-of-the-art laser measurement system that provides comprehensive information about a pipe end’s dimensions, including inner diameter (ID), outer diameter (OD), wall thickness (WT) and ovality, along with a 3D map. It has been used successfully in major energy projects all over the world and by many pipe mills, coating companies and ERPC consultants. It is a lightweight and portable tool which can be carried in airline hand luggage and is robust enough to cope with harsh environments.  Easy to operate, the tool can measure up to 200 pipe ends in a single shift and is accurate to 0.05mm, collecting over 2,000 radial measurements per rotation.

SmartFit™ – achieving optimum fit-up

Once pipes have been measured with the AutoTool, data is sent back to the cloud where it can be stored and analysed. Working in harmony with our measurement tools, SmartFit™ is award-winning software that sorts, groups and sequences pipes if required. Clients achieve the best possible fit-up, which allows them to bring projects in on time, to budget and within specifications. The flexibility of SmartFit will always try to provide minimum handling for the project.

With its powerful analysis capabilities, SmartFit™ sorts pipes into groups, including a selection of ‘golden’ pipes ideal for critical sections such as risers. All pipes will achieve good fit-up, even those previously considered to be out-of-specification. SmartFit™ can carry out sophisticated ovality analysis and optimal material nesting for complex energy projects. Our experienced team can provide remote support anywhere in the world.

Vital technology improvements

In the oil and gas industry, precision and efficiency in pipe fit-up are paramount since the integrity of an entire pipeline can rest on a single joint of two pipe ends. Advanced technologies such as laser pipe measurement, ovality analysis, pipe sorting and strategic sequencing can revolutionise this critical process. These latest techniques enhance safety by improving weld quality, leading to stronger pipelines with lower failure risk. They ensure welding and installation can proceed with maximum efficiency and the least amount of downtime, while also ensuring maximum pipe utilisation.

By investing in measurement technology and fit-up services, oil and gas companies can ensure the integrity of their pipelines, reduce costs, and minimise environmental and safety risks. In this rapidly evolving industry, staying at the forefront of pipe fit-up techniques and technology is essential for continued growth, safety, and sustainability.

Global project experience

OMS measurement and SmartFit™ services have been used or are currently being used in major global energy projects such as Marjan, Whale, Mero, Barossa and Sumud. If you would like any information on OMS measurement and fit-up services our team is always available to discuss. Contact them on or +44 1279 656038.