Within the fluid power and transmission market ALFAGOMMA is recognised as a global player, particularly focused on R&D and committed to continuous improvement, as certified by its quality and environmental management system.

With a distribution network covering more than 100 countries, the ALFAGOMMA group offers a complete range of hydraulic and industrial hoses, fittings, adapters, assembly hoses, manipulated tubes and a wide range of hydraulic components and accessories.

The company’s mission is to deliver high-quality and performance products to meet international standards and end-user specific requirements. ALFAGOMMA’s success stems from building collaborative, long-term and non-opportunistic relationships with its customers, proven by thousands of customer satisfaction records, in addition to decades-long partnerships with global OEM and key industries all over the world.

Offshore product range

ALFAGOMMA has an extensive range of hydraulic and industrial hoses, fittings and equipment for both on and offshore applications. Its dedicated product range includes a complete variety of rotary drilling, vibrator, choke and kill, sour service, cementing and slim hole hoses. Thanks to its R&D commitment, counting on cutting-edge technology, ALFAGOMMA has developed a wide range of solutions specifically designed for oil and gas applications, such as floating roof tank drain hoses, rig supply, docking, onshore, blow out preventer, mooring and OCIMF offshore hoses.

ALFAGOMMA products are provided with relevant quality certificates, testing reports and, in particular, the API 7K monogram for rotary and vibrator hoses. Thanks to very demanding quality control during manufacturing and testing processes, ALFAGOMMA is able to grant high quality together with a total fulfilment of environmental standards and norms.

Hydraulic and industrial hoses

For more than 60, ALFAGOMMA has been designing, manufacturing and providing low and high pressure hoses, traditionally referred to as industrial and hydraulic hoses. The hydraulic range includes textile braid, steel wire braid and steel wire spiral (reinforced) flexible hoses.

According to the specific application, we also provide pressure wash waterblast hoses and bio-oil resistant extra-flexible new alfabiotech hoses. ALFAGOMMA has also developed wire braid and spiral hoses in sizes which include 1-1/4in, 1-1/2in and 2in in big bore, produced in lengths of up to 61m (200ft).

ALFAGOMMA hydraulic hoses mainly exceed standards of reference (ISO, SAE, EN) and their quality is monitored by certification bodies such DNV, BV and ABS. Most of them are halogen free or have a MSHA approved cover.

Among the industrial range we find the long-length rubber and thermoplastic hose, PVC suction hose and mandrel made rubber hose (for transfer only or suction and delivery applications), with textile and steel reinforcements of up to 18in in 61m. Typical examples are fuel and oil, chemical, steam, seismic and firewater hoses, also manufactured according to standards of reference. Special composite hoses complete the programme.

Hose fittings and adapters

ALFAGOMMA hoses and fittings are designed to work perfectly together for the highest performances, as a sole problem-free system, no matter how the machine operates. ALFAGOMMA’s coupling designs and performances meet international standards such as those of BSP, DIN, SAE, JIC, NPTF and ORFS. On its couplings, ALFAGOMMA has introduced a special coating which is chromium VI free and has a salt spray test resistance of up to 400hr. In the wide and complete range one-piece (alfacrimp) and stainless-steel fittings and adapters are also included.

Quick-release couplings

For fast and easy connections of hydraulic hoses, ALFAGOMMA’s range of fluid components includes a series of quick disconnect couplings which comply with international standards ISO 7241-1 A/B and ISO 16028, with poppet and flat face valve respectively.

Made from carbon steel as the basic material, ALFAGOMMA’s quick-release couplings are chromium-III zinc-plated, featuring long-lasting resistance to oxidation.

ALFAGOMMA ‘s history

ALFAGOMMA was founded in 1956 by Felice Gennasio, an Italian entrepreneur, as a general trading company. The first plant for industrial hose manufacturing was built in Teramo (Italy) in 1972. Three years later, from a joint-venture with BTR Dunlop UK, the hydraulic hose production started. In 1977, in order to strengthen its presence in the south-European market, a second hydraulic hose plant was established in Cosenza (Italy), specifically for steel wire braid reinforced hose.

When in 1989 the founder’s sons (Enrico Gennasio, the president and Guido Gennasio, the CEO) took over the company, the process of internationalisation got a boost. In those years a new hydraulic hose plant was built in Malaysia. A few years later, a plant for hydraulic fittings and adapters was also created in China.

In 2005 ALFAGOMMA acquired Dunlop Hiflex Group, a company with a successful tradition in northern Europe, incorporating a full network of branches and shops in Germany, Holland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. Today the ALFAGOMMA group consists of 22 manufacturing plants and 87 branches and assembly centres in five continents, with 3600 employees globally.