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Sustainable, High-Performance Tubular Protectors for Offshore Pipelines

BEWi is a leading European producer, distributor, and seller of packaging, components and insulation solutions. We operate through 38 factories and 1,600 employees across seven countries in Europe.

Beddingen 16, 3rd floor,
7042 Trondheim,

BEWi is a leading European producer, distributor, and seller of packaging, components and insulation solutions. We operate through 38 factories and 1,600 employees across seven countries in Europe.

Our portfolio is based on 40 years of development and we are one of the largest integrated expandable polystyrene (EPS) producers in Europe.

A part of the BEWi Group, BEWi Energy operates in the energy sector and the company’s main objectives are to introduce new, innovative, and sustainable solutions. Our focus is to provide our clients with better alternatives that will significantly reduce environmental footprints and costs.


Tubular protectors for offshore pipelines

BEWi Energy’s tubular protectors are a novel solution to safely protect tubulars from external exposure such as damage to threads, sealing surfaces and corrosion during transportation and storage.

The main challenges in the oil and gas sector are the time and resources needed to ensure tubulars are intact during handling, transportation, and storage.

Benefits of tubular protectors

BEWi Energy’s tubular protectors optimise operations by reducing the time consumption of manual workloads by 75%.

They enable faster operations and decreased resources used to mount / demount tubular protectors, resulting in time and cost reductions.

The final mount / demount is often performed on the drill floor within the red zone or on the pipe deck. This not only reduces the amount of resources needed but also the onshore workload and exposure of manual labour in high-risk zones.

Our tubular protectors are independent of threads, which reduces logistics and the number of variants in stock. These factors lead to simpler routines and fewer manual resources to increase operational efficiency.

Sustainability objectives

Plastic is often lighter and more cost-effective than alternative products made with wood, metal, or glass, and can be given properties these materials cannot be provided.

Unfortunately, plastic littering has become one of the most pressing environmental issues, as a rapid increase in the production of disposable plastic products overwhelms the world’s ability to deal with them.

The BEWi Smart Protectors are made of recycled material, and all protectors are integrated into a full circular recycling value chain.

In addition, BEWi Energy fully recycles the plastic from used protectors. The recycling value chain also enables new Protectors to be made by other high-density polyethene (HDPE) waste from other sources than used or worn out protectors.

Many comparable industries base their recycling of plastic handling by a waste incineration process and not recycling of material to new products.

About BEWi Energy

By targeting growth through organic initiatives and M&A transactions, BEWi has a history of proven buy-and-build strategy with around 20 acquisitions since 2014.

With ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 43001 certifications, the commitment to sustainability is integrated throughout the value chain, from the production of raw materials and end goods to the recycling of used products.

Since the start in the Norwegian archipelago at Frøya in 1980, the company has been creating value for customers by offering sustainable solutions in innovative and efficient ways. With a vision to protect people and goods for a better every day, BEWi leads the change towards a circular economy.

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    Operations in the offshore industry depend on smart and sustainable solutions to ensure safety, as well as efficient logistics and the use of resources to maintain a good and healthy business.

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Beddingen 16, 3rd floor
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