Established in 1954 to provide services to the petrochemical and mining industries, Caman Engineering is now Australia’s largest independent valve and pipeline flange stockist and manufacturer. The company has factories in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

Caman is in the process of building new larger premises for its Sydney operation, which is expected to be completed in early 2014. The expansion will include 80% more warehouse storage space and an increased manufacturing area with new CNC machines to reduce in-house machining and drilling times by 30%.

Caman is a family-owned company, with the same family who began the business still involved in its daily operations. The business has focused on customer service since inception, and its dedication to meeting client needs has played a large role in its success.

Every effort is made by Caman staff to not only meet but exceed customer expectations, with high quality products delivered in line with required project completion dates. The company’s experienced sales team is entirely customer-oriented and dedicated to providing the best expertise, advice and customer service in the industry.

Caman manufactures pipeline flanges from locally produced plate and forgings, and also stocks imported flanges. Caman recently became a leading Australian manufacturer of heat exchanger tubesheets and baffle plates after investing heavily in state-of-the-art computer-operated drilling machinery.

Caman is an approved manufacturer and supplier of pipeline flanges and heat exchanger components to all oil and petrochemical companies operating in Australia; it is accredited to comply with Quality Assurance Standard ISO 9001, and is accredited to PED by Lloyds.

Some of the more specific products the company supplies and manufactures include:

  • Pipeline flanges up to 2,700mm in diameter
  • Tubesheets and baffle plates
  • Spectacle blinds, dished ends, spacers and spade blinds
  • Test blinds and industrial valves
  • Orifice plates and flanges
  • Nozzles and long weld necks
  • CNC machining of special flanges

Caman also provides 24-hour emergency breakdown machining and supply services. The Caman sales team welcomes enquiries and will happily assist with requests for information.