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Djuvik Maskinering

Pipe Clamps and Components for the Offshore Industry

PO Box 53,
4201 Sauda,


Djuvik Maskinering is a specialist in the design, marketing and product development of clamps, drilling systems and tools for subsea purposes in the offshore industry.

Subsea components for the offshore industry

Djuvik Maskinering’s product range includes buoyant clamps, stabber guides and pipe remover tools that are designed for subsea applications.

The company aims to satisfy its clients with prompt delivery and a high standard of quality.

Product range

Djuvik Maskinering’s clamps are widely used on offshore platforms in the North Sea.

Designed with functionality in mind, they are easy-to-assemble, simple-to-use, and require little to no maintenance.

Djuvik supplies buoyant drill pipe to umbilical clamps for underwater applications, pod wire clamps for hoses, and WOR-clamps.

Drillpipe open sea

Super fast and easy to operate drillpipe to umbilical clamp for open sea use. Availeble in a wide range varying from 4in to 9 5/8in pipe and multiple umbilicals.

ROV tooling

Djuvik Maskinering supplies several tools and protectors for wellhead cleaning. Equipment is available for both washing and brushing applications and features field-proven technology.

Pipe stabber guides

The pipe stabber guide is one of the newest products from Djuvik Maskinering.

Its lightweight and easy handling properties make it simpler for clients to use and the instrument has already been field-proven in the North Sea.

Protectors and guides

Djuvik Maskinering provides protectors for wellheads and pipes, which are also used with guides. The company also supplies custom made guides for landing strings, THROT and other subsea applications. Additionally, guides can combined with control lines and umbilical protection.

About Djuvik

Since 1989, Djuvik Maskinering has built up a solid foundation of knowledge and experience, and the company’s expertise enables its personnel to create new and innovative products.

Djuvik Maskinering ensures that every hazard elimination and safety (HES) requirement is met, and that its clients are confident of its products and customer service.

The company has more than 6,000 clamps delivered over the last four years, is registered with Achilles Norway and ISO 9001:2008 approved for nearly two years.