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Automated Pipe Welding Services


Dyna Torque Technologies (Dyna Torque) offers automated welding solutions for the global oil, gas and water pipeline industry. Dyna Torque is an international full-service welding company that plans, manages and delivers fully integrated welding solutions onshore and offshore, in the most demanding environments and extreme conditions around the world.

Dyna Torque has earned a reputation for quality, productivity and innovation in the pipeline industry, a reputation that we strive to enhance. Dyna Torque’s vision is to be the full-service welding company of choice by bringing together state-of-the-art technology, outstanding project management, welding excellence and expertise in onshore, fabrication and offshore applications, as well as manufacturing the most advanced equipment for automated welding.

Automated welding system

Dyna Torque’s LoneStar automated welding system was introduced in 2003. The LoneStar is an advanced orbital automated pipe welding system designed to modernize traditional welding techniques and processes by integrating the latest in software development and microprocessor technologies combined with innovative device design to offer a compelling digital welding solution.

Dyna Torque’s pipe facing machine (PFM) has revolutionized the pipeline industry by providing a dynamic and integral tool to streamline offshore and onshore production. Our PFM delivers an array of solutions to all bevel designs and welding techniques. It has the largest span of diameter coverage ranging from 6in to 60in OD.

Dyna Torque's automated pipe welding solutions can meet the challenges of the offshore industry.
We offer an array of landline welding services, from complete welding solutions to equipment and technical services.
Dyna Torque is a leader in pipeline equipment sales and leasing. Our pipe facing machine can expedite production rates onshore and offshore.
Dyna Torque’s automated welding system is the most reliable and advanced system available.

Today we provide pipeline contractors with beveling solutions to the most complicated counter-boring designs.

Offshore pipeline welding services

Dyna Torque provides expertise and equipment for offshore pipeline welding. Our strong point is years of experience in development of welding parameters and welding procedure qualifications for many offshore pipeline projects. The LoneStar automated welding system is designed for high productivity and durability in 24 hour a day operations. The system provides quality welds from flow lines to fatigue-sensitive raisers.

Our LoneStar dual-head automated welding systems maximize productivity, providing high productivity, high quality and reducing the number of welding stations per pipe lay vessel.

Landline welding services

Dyna Torque provides equipment and technology utilizing the finest selection for your cross-country needs. We have the expertise to take on any challenges your project may face. We can provide solutions from high-productivity demands of large pipelines to the value engineering alternatives for smaller pipelines. We offer an array of services, from complete welding solutions to any specific equipment and technical services.

Fabrication welding

The flexibility of LoneStar automated welding systems makes them an excellent choice for various fabrication applications. Dyna Torque’s single automated welding system has the flexibility to perform GMAW, pulsed GMAW, GTAW and FCAW welding processes. They provide a wide range of travel, wire feed, and oscillation parameters to accommodate various materials, thicknesses and joint designs. They can weld narrow gap or factory bevels, as well as heavy wall thicknesses using standard or compound bevels.

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