EFD Induction, with Sweden’s Royal Institute of Technology and leading research institute Swerea IVF, recently launched a 832-page book on heat treatment.

The new book, entitled ‘Steel and its Heat Treatment — a Handbook’, is an English translation of Stål och Värmebehandling, a handbook on the topic of steel and heat treatment that has established itself as essential reading in companies, universities and research labs across Sweden.

The book covers everything from metallography, grades of steel, heat treatment processes and material testing to the equipment used for heat treatment, associated processes, safety and the environment.

A key writer on the project has been Kristian Berggren, managing director of EFD Induction in Sweden, who contributed to the book’s section on induction hardening.

"The book gives a fantastic overview and understanding of heat treatment, a topic still seen as some kind of black magic, even tough the basic mechanism have been known for hundreds of years," Berggren said.

Examples of heat treatment methods covered in the book are: induction hardening, case hardening, nitriding processes, tempering and annealing. The book is printed in full colour, and is ideal as a practical guide, as well as an educational resource for labs, companies and research institutes.

"More than 20 specialist writers have, together with another 40 contributing experts, worked hard to ensure the book helps engineers, designers, teachers, students and production solve real-world challenges," added Berggren.

The new English edition of the book, which is the result of two years’ translation and editorial efforts, was released in May, during the Bodycote/AGA Heat Treatment Seminar held at the Swedish coastal resort town of Saltsjöbaden.

The book costs € 145, (approx. £181, £117), and can be ordered from your nearest EFD Induction office.