There are have been three new appointments for managers at EFD.

Peter Runeborg new sales and service manager at EFD Induction Norway

Peter Runeborg, formerly the segment manager for tube and pipe at EFD Induction Norway, has been made the company’s new sales and service manager, with responsibility for selling the firm’s complete range of induction heating products and services.

Bjørn Røsvik new manager at EFD Induction Norway

Bjørn Røsvik has been appointed the manager of the standardised systems and direct sales division at EFD Induction Norway.

This division deals primarily with Minac and Sinac induction heating systems; solutions that can be used for a wide spectrum of applications such as brazing, shrink fitting, straightening, pre and post heating, etc.

New welding sales manager at EFD Induction Norway

Jan Arve Fuglaas of EFD Induction Norway has been given special responsibility for sales of tube and pipe welding and normalising systems in Asia.

Fuglaas will work closely with his colleagues from EFD Induction China to meet the continent’s burgeoning demand for high-uptime, high-output induction welders.

Previously a project manager at EFD Induction Norway, Fuglaas has more than 20 years’ international experience devising pipe welding and annealing solutions.