F.lli RIGHINI, an engineering and manufacturing company based in Ravenna, Italy, has been operating in the offshore market since 1985. The F.lli RIGHINI brand is well known in the offshore industry for its large portfolio of products and solutions, including:

  • Pipe laying and handling systems
  • Friction clamps for J-lay up to 1,500m capacity
  • Rotary and linear winches for mooring and riser pull-in
  • Chain-jacks for mooring and SCR pull-in
  • Fairleads and chain-stoppers for FPSO mooring chain
  • Laying systems for flexibles and umbilicals
  • Davit cranes for tie-in
  • Subsea trenching machines
  • Bear cages and pile lifting tools (ILTs, ELTs)
  • Electric or Diesel hydraulic power units
  • Control systems
  • Any type of tailor made installation aids

High-quality offshore equipment manufacture

F.lli RIGHINI’s complete in-house engineering, manufacturing and testing contribute to evolving proven concepts in its products and services, in order to meet the most severe requirements of the offshore industry. 3D modelling and finite element analyses are carried out on a regular basis for weight optimisation and project reliability.

All F.lli RIGHINI equipment passes functional and load testing at the company’s factory prior to delivery. Facilities for static and dynamic load testing are available up to several hundred tons, depending on the application.

Pipe laying and handling equipment

F.lli RIGHINI has years of expertise with pipe laying and handling systems. We have the capability to support our customers in the early stages of design for lay-out optimisation. All kinds of pipe laying and handling equipment can be supplied from the pipe storage to the firing line. This includes the following:

F.lli RIGHINI provides offshore equipment, such as chain jacks for mooring and SCR pull-in.
We provide a range of pipe laying and handling systems and equipment, including friction clamps for J-lay.
We offer tailor-made flexible laying equipment solutions.
We provide lay towers with tensioners for flexible pipes and umbilicals.
We offer a range of mooring and pull-in equipment, including chain jacks and hydraulic drum winches.
  • Conveyors, elevators, rollers and line-up equipment for double to quadruple joint systems
  • Friction clamps for J-lay, up to 36in pipe diameter and 1,500t capacity
  • Tilting tables with hang-off clamps up to 1,500t capacity
  • Control system with man-machine interfaces
  • Hydraulic power units

Flexible pipe and umbilical-laying equipment

F.lli RIGHINI can provide tailor-made solutions for flexible pipes and umbilicals (deepwater lay), including the following:

  • Lay towers with tensioners
  • Carousels
  • Spooling towers with tensioners
  • A&R traction winches and storage drums
  • Complete control and supervision systems
  • Integration of third party equipment

Mooring systems and riser pull-in equipment

F.lli RIGHINI designs, manufactures, tests and installs mooring and pull-in equipment on-board FPSOs, such as chain jacks, hydraulic drum winches, fairleads and deflection sheaves. Our equipment has been successfully delivered for projects such as Bonga, Ehra and Akpo.

Pull-in equipment can be mounted on integrated skidding modules, and equipped with chain lockers, auxiliary winches and hoists, hydraulic power units and control rooms. We offer the following:

  • Chain jacks: up to 450t pulling capacity
  • Linear winches for steel wire ropes: up to 500t capacity
  • Hydraulic drum winches: up to 350t

We can provide ATEX Zone 1 and 2 equipment with certification also covering machinery and power units. Equipment has been successfully delivered for projects such as Bonga, Ehra, Akpo, Usan, Cidade de Paraty, CLOV, Quad204.

Davit cranes

F.lli RIGHINI has delivered several shipsets of davit cranes for sealine repair and tie-in, with a safe working load of up to 100t. Cranes are self-contained and skid-mounted, with an integrated HPU and control console. The cranes’ compact dimensions allow for road transport on a standard flat trailer.

Offshore equipment service and maintenance

F.lli RIGHINI provides customers with assistance for installation, commissioning and start-up activities, at yards or offshore. Personnel can be provided upon request for the operation of equipment. In addition, we offer overhauls, upgrades or modifications for equipment in service.