FullFlo Diversified Technology Pipeline Pigging Products and Services

FullFlo Diversified Technology was established to provide innovative and quality pigging products and services to oil and gas industries around the world.

FullFlo offers pipeline pigs, cleaning pigs, mandrel pigs, batching pigs, line boar pigs, foam pigs, consulting, training, pigging programs, fabrication of launchers and receivers, specialised pigging products and equipment for all aspects pertaining to pigging, cleaning, corrosion control, and maintenance, with worldwide hands-on experience in pipeline and decoking.

Pipeline pigging products

Fullflo cleaning pigs are made to the highest quality and standards with a proven durability track record of lasting.

Urethane pipeline cleaning pigs

We offer a wide range of urethane cleaning pigs, including the following.

Maxi disc cleaning pigs with reinforced discs and rear cup; available in sizes 2in – 24in, and in all durometers and colors. These aggressive cleaning pigs are made from high-quality urethane.

The special cup disc (SCD) cleaning pig has reinforced discs and back cups; back cups are oversized, assisting in eliminating bypass. The pig is available in sizes 2in – 24in and in all durometers and colors; one to four discs available. It is also available as a filmer pig or an easy-to-maneuver cleaning pig.

Multiline – available in all durometers and colors; made from high-quality urethane; reinforced rear cup; solid nose; sizes: 1in-2in, 2in-3in, 3in-4in, 6in-8in, 8in-10in.

Steel mandrel and construction pigs made of high-quality urethane, with custom-made brushes for all applications, in sizes ranging from 4in to 48in.

Urethane cups and discs are provided with dup cups, conicial cups, high-quality urethane in all durometer and colors, from 4in to 48in.

CT Tree (coil tubing) pigs are made from high-quality urethane, in sizes ranging from ¾in to 2in.

LineBoar pigs have a higher wear resistance, a stiffer profile for enhanced scraping, and reduced bypass. They also have a larger surface area for enhanced carrying capacity and improved cleaning. LineBoar cups are not easily turned inside out like ordinary cups. Sizes range from 2in to 48in.

Decoking pigs are made of high-quality urethane, available in sizes 2in – 12in, and are an extremely aggressive cleaning pig.

FullFlo has a pipeline pig for every application, including cleaning, batching, displacement, gauging, gauge rings, transmitting, and foam and specialty pigs.

Pipeline pigging equipment and project management

We are a full R&D facility that specialises in making pipelines that were previously considered not piggable, piggable. This includes customizing all equipment required, from launcher / receiver and manufacturing spools, to specific cleaning pigs and pig transmitters (pig tracking).

We also provide project management, ranging from cleaning to inspection, as well as training courses.

We pride ourselves on the proven fact that our products for standard line and multi-line cleaning are successful when utilized correctly in the applications they were designed for.

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FullFlo Diversified Technology

PO Box 825

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+1 403 340 0510 (office) 1 877 842 0424 (Canada and US toll-free) +1 403 340 0910 www.fullflotech.com

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FullFlo Diversified Technology

PO Box 825

Red Deer, Alberta

T4N 5H2



+1 403 340 0510 (office) 1 877 842 0424 (Canada and US toll-free) +1 403 340 0910 www.fullflotech.com

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