Hidramar is a technical services provider offering design, supply, installation and maintenance of hydraulic, pneumatic and high and low-pressure piping systems, serving the oil and gas and naval sectors since 1989.

The company also provides machining, inspection, mechanical and industrial repair, assembly and welding services.

Technically-skilled engineers and partners

In addition to employing 500 highly skilled and qualified workers, Hidramar has established strategic alliances with specialised suppliers in order to supply you with a complete solution, and assuring you that your project is in good hands whether onshore or offshore

Hidramar also maintain a large stock of branded components, fittings, pipes, hoses, seals, gaskets, coolers and hydraulic tools, and has earned an unrivalled reputation for speed and efficiency when delivering to Las Palmas and beyond.

In-house orkshop for piping maintenance

Hidramar operates an independent in-house workshop in the Canary Islands, running four conventional lathes with up to 6,000mm between centres, a CNC lather, a particle counter and fluxin groups, test bench to power in excess of 290hp, drill presses and a portable test bench for troubleshooting diagnosis.

The facility also includes a chrome plating plant for hydraulic cylinders, and a hydraulic cylinder repair centre with up to 8,600kg/m capacity that can also hone hydraulic cylinder liners more than 6,000mm in length.

Offshore oil and gas services

Hidramar works closely with all maintenance and repair teams of all rigs that come through Las Palmas Port, where the company is based, thanks to well-established relationships with major industry players and a 24/7 repair and diagnostics capability.

Hidramar has recently carried out works with Otech Marine for Ocean Rig’s Eirick Raude rig. In October 2012, the company installed an impressed current cathodic protection system (ICCP) and scaffolding works.

Hidramar also replaced all overboard and seachest valves, removed four azimuth thrusters, carried out works in conjunction with NOV, recertified four marine riser tensioner blocks and installed four riser tensioner hydraulic cylinders.

Manufacture and repair of hydraulic cylinders and pumps

Hidramar is the exclusive supplier of chrome plating services in the Canary Islands, and can repair and manufacture all kinds and sizes of hydraulic cylinders and pumps. With patented repair and polishing systems, Hidramar can clean, repair and manufacture cylinders of more than 8m, polish cyclinders up to 6m and produce cables to any length. The hydraulic equipment repair centre can fix cylinders with capacities of up to 8,600kg/m.

Past offshore projects carried out by Hidramar

Hidramar oversaw the overhaul and recomission of the main air conditioner pump and the BOP hydraulic accumulator for Sedco Energy, in addition to replacing all low and high-pressure mud lines, valves and pumps.

Additional work included:

  • Complete overhaul of anchor fairleads – eight units in total
  • Overhaul hydraulic system for variable pitch propellers
  • Repair of two of the main pumps
  • Complete overhaul of hydraulic and mechanical deck machinery
  • Installing an electric-hydraulic powered gantry crane with integrated HPU
  • Vertical pipe handling system
  • Iron roughneck
  • Torquemaster
  • Renewal of all hydraulic hoses in the top drive
  • Manufacture of three new skimmer tanks (45m³) and reconfigured pipe system

Thrusters for offshore operations

Hidramar is fully capable of carrying out thruster replacement and ballast valve system recommissioning. For the ODN Tay IV rig, the company performed Wartsila azimuth thruster replacement, mechanical works, rigging work, divers activities, lifting plan and commissioning.