Incoil Induktion supplies companies worldwide with induction solutions. Some applications that are well-suited for induction include shrink fitting / removal, pre-heating before welding, annealing, and many more.

Induction technology for the offshore industry

The process of induction passes an electrical current through a coil creating a magnetic field that can be controlled with the current’s help. This electromagnetic process enables metals to be heated extremely quickly and efficiently. Development of this technology has made it possible to adapt the advantages of induction to a multitude of fields of application. The metal industry utilises induction heating in many processes and it is best known by the public in the form of induction hobs.

Compact mobile induction units

Incoil Induktion’s induction heater (IH) series provides flexibility that enables improvement of the efficiency of a number of industrial applications. The unit’s clever bayonet joint allows the easy exchange of induction coil / tool depending on the item to be heated. Wherever you need to heat up metal, induction is the way to do it. It is a flameless heating which allows you to heat where you can’t use an open flame.

The advantages of induction are many. The material receives concentrated heat and is heated rapidly while the induction coil is unaffected. This compact and mobile induction heating unit is available in a range of power outputs from 3.5kVA – 44kVA. The conversion efficiency is very high due to induction and the tool’s unique design. The IH is a user-friendly unit for the most extreme applications.

Incoil's induction heating unit is mobile and easy to use.
The induction heating unit can be used for either point heating or heating a line.
Incoil Induktion's flex heater can be used for pre-heating and post-heating pipes.

Mobile induction heater features

The IH is a mobile induction heater with an external cooling system. The IH is designed around a series of resonance-type static frequency changers. The power drawn and the frequency emitted depend on the design of the induction coil and the tool, as well as the material used. The unit can be operated manually or controlled by an internal or external source.

The mobile induction unit has the following features:

  • Low weight
  • High performance
  • User-friendly
  • Infinitely variable power control
  • Unique wholly Swedish construction
  • Advanced and modern technology
  • Manual controls or preset programmes
  • Communication ports for external devices (computer, IR camera, etc.)

The IH unit is provided with the following accessories: custom induction coils, sensors for temperature control, work station with balance block, handle with power control, machine mount, heat exchanger, and trolley.

Applications for the IH unit include:

  • Soldering and brazing
  • Hardening
  • Hot forming
  • Straightening and bending
  • Forging
  • Shrink fitting
  • Melting
  • Annealing
  • Adhesive curing

Flexible heater for pre-heating or post-heating pipes

Incoil Induktion’s flex heater is perfect when it comes to pre-heating pipes before welding or post-heating after welding, loosening bearings, etc.

With this you can simply wind the cable around the material that needs to be heated and either manage the machine manually or use a preset program.

Deck heater for offshore structures

For straightening steel plates for offshore structures and shipbuilding, the deck heater is a good candidate.

With a preset program you will get a repeatable sequence and always the same accuracy. The deck heater comes in different lengths and varieties depending on what the customer needs.