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Clad Piping, Vessel and Heat Exchanger Components

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KLAD® Manufacturing weld-overlays piping, vessel and heat exchanger components, from one piece to complete piping systems, pressure vessels, heat exchangers and specialty OEM components.

We offer engineered solutions to any application where corrosion is an ongoing problem in the refining, petro-chemical, oil and gas exploration and production, pulp and paper, and power generating industries.

Superior clad piping components manufacture

Internal corrosion does more than just eat away pipe; it eats away your profits. Continuous maintenance and repair impact your bottom line, while using solid alloy components can be cost prohibitive. Now there’s a better solution.

KLAD’s comprehensive and proven line of high quality clad piping components and customized cladding services offers a practical, cost-effective and permanent solution to piping corrosion.

KLAD can custom fabricate any size pressure vessel.
High quality weld overlay of any carbon steel components.
KLAD hot induction bends clad pipe.
Transfer line ready to ship.
Clad coke drum nozzles.

Depending on the size, wall thickness and alloy combinations for each component, KLAD uses the best of several manufacturing techniques, in addition to weld overlay, to produce the KLAD piping product line. These metallurgically bonded components are produced with exacting controls and expertise in forming, welding and heat treatment to assure superior properties of both high alloy cladding and base material.

These diverse manufacturing methods allow us to optimize KLAD product performance using:

  • Pipe and fittings made from metallurgically bonded clad plates
  • Heavy wall hot-formed clad fittings
  • Hot induction bending of pipes to 3D or larger
  • Low dilution weld overlay of pipes, fittings, flanges, and valves

Custom piping, vessel and heat exchanger components

Flexible manufacturing facilities allow a full range of products to be produced to meet large and small orders. Whether you are installing clad protection for a new project, unit revamp, scheduled maintenance, or as a facility modification, KLAD is the long-term solution.

Pipe and piping components for oil and gas production

KLAD pipe and piping components are ideal for sour service and other corrosion resistant requirements. KLAD manufactures clad manifolds, subsea and topside piping, risers, jumpers, and transition areas. KLAD pipe and piping components are produced to API, DNV, ASME and other specifications.

Quality piping components and prefabricated piping systems

KLAD has a tradition of reliability. KLAD Manufacturing is a leader in the development and supply of high quality piping components and prefabricated piping systems to solve corrosion and erosion problems.

Since 1995, KLAD products have enjoyed a reputation for dependability and long-term effectiveness in preventing corrosion. Today KLAD components can be found in power plants, refineries, chemical processing plants, oil and gas exploration and production facilities, and environmental treatment plants, both in the US and abroad.

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