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LNG Transfer Systems for Vessels and Offshore Platforms

KLAW LNG is the global leader in the design, manufacture and application of liquid natural gas (LNG) transfer systems.

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Ship-to-transfer LNG transfer system

LNG transfer systems for ship-to-ship, ship-to-shore, and bunkering

The KLAW LNG range from Trelleborg is the global leader in the design, manufacture and application of liquid natural gas (LNG) transfer systems.

Trelleborg designs and manufactures both the individual components and the complete transfer systems for the transfer of LNG, which is typically to temperatures of -162°C (-260°F).

These safety transfer systems minimize risk of LNG spill by shutting down flow when an emergency event occurs. The system will also separate when required. KLAW LNG systems are therefore designed to deliver both ESD-1 and ESD-2 operations.

These systems protect assets, personnel, the environment, and the reputation of the LNG industry and are in use by major LNG transfer owners and operators around the world.

KLAW LNG ship-to-ship transfer system in operation.
KLAW LNG emergency release coupling in operation.
KLAW LNG saddle and fall arrest system shown in transfer operation.
KLAW LNG on-deck control centre - HPU Type.
KLAW LNG bunkering system.

Hundreds of LNG commercial transfers are safely conducted every year using KLAW LNG transfer technology.

KLAW LNG systems include emergency release couplings, system control units (including SIL2 Compliant PLC Systems), vessel separation detection systems, ESD integration, hose saddle and fall arrest systems.

Trelleborg engineers work closely with owners and operators to deliver efficient and reliable solutions that meet the specific requirements of their LNG transfer systems.

KLAW LNG offers systems for the following applications:

Ship-to-ship LNG transfer systems

Ship-to-ship (STS) typical applications include LNG carrier to floating storage and regasification unit (LNGC to FSRU) or LNGC to LNGC

Shore-to-ship LNG transfer systems

LNG terminal load and offload systems

LNG bunkering systems

Offshore and shore-to-ship LNG refueling systems

Mobile response systems

Rapid deployment systems for the emergency offload of LNG from offshore vessels


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