Oilfield Piping Systems (OPS) is an Australasian stockist and distributor of oil and gas field machinery, catering to the global market.

There are a number of benefits to purchasing oil and gas field machinery through OPS

Field-proven oil and gas machinery

OPS has developed a Rod Tubing Guide for bench-testing centralisers and guide models using various materials in operating environments, reducing expenditure on resources and capital.

Using the Rod Tubing Guide, OPS can test different parameters such as solid content, load per guide and speed.

Oilfield Piping Systems supply sucker rods for oil and gas exploration, using only reputable manufacturers.
Rapid delivery of drilling equipment and artificial lift components is guaranteed.
OPS bench tests all machinery it supplies, ensuring that offshore operations in the field run smoothly.

An expert engineer is assigned to ensure that the client’s needs are met and all test procedures and objectives are understood. During testing, a daily report is sent to clients, with full technical analysis provided at the end of the test period.

Well drilling and artificial lift equipment

Oilfield Piping Systems works with reputable agencies, building business partnerships with companies worldwide. OPS stocks machinery from Tenaris, Centek, Plainsman, Premium, Thirdwave, Condamine Drilling, Duromer, Asta and QCB.

With a team of in-house experts, and by only working with trusted manufacturers, OPS can guarantee reliable machinery.

OPS supplies machinery for drilling such as centralisers and stop collars, as well as artificial lift components such as sucker rods. Products that OPS stocks from its business partners include

  • API 11B sucker rods from Tenaris
  • Netzsch’s PCP pumps
  • Plainsman PL5, tubing drains, shear couplings and UHS couplings
  • Gas separators, torque anchors and tubing shears from Premium ALS
  • Volant torque rings
  • Centek’s API 10D casing centralisers
  • API 5CT OCTG manufactured by TTGM
  • ASTA’s API 10D cementing and float equipment
  • Kerui Pumps 80-640 series (Project)

Technical support and rapid delivery of oil and gas equipment

As well as ensuring first-class manufacturers, OPS is committed to being a reliable supply partner to its clients, providing them with cost-effective solutions and 24/7 technical support.  This includes around the clock, rapid delivery.

Project management for oil and gas exploration

OPS has a team of technical experts with more than 20 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, who can provide you with the best solution to your situation.

The technical team ensure that your oil and gas field machinery works as intended, that you and your team understand how usage wear will affect performance, and that you know the right systems that will work best for you.

About Oilfield Piping Systems

OPS has offices serving Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne, which are supported by warehousing and workshops in Toowoomba, Tara and West Australia. This allows for direct dialogue with clients and facilitates faster, more concise response in technical and commercial matters, supported by local inventory.