OMS has launched SmartGrind, a ground-breaking remediation service that can solve weld defects in situ, without the need for cut-outs. Clients can build stronger, longer-lasting pipelines, ensure welds meet specifications and ensure production proceeds with maximum efficiency. In a market where efficiency is vital, SmartGrind will help OMS clients save money, improve asset quality and reduce downtime.

Paul Eagle, OMS sales director, said: ‘In the energy industry efficient production is paramount. Managing costs without compromising on quality or safety is vital to our clients. Our new SmartGrind services can save money for clients by inspecting internal welds, locating potential problems and solving them rapidly. Expensive weld cut-outs and downtime are reduced while safety is improved because SmartGrind operates remotely, removing any requirement for man entry. The service has been in development for some time, in response to customer requirements, and we are delighted to have brought it to the market. There has already been a great deal of customer interest, with our operators currently out working on several major energy projects.’

SmartGrind remediates defects at an early stage of pipeline fabrication, improving and strengthening welds by removing excess material and polishing the surface. A modular add-on to the award-winning AUGA.node weld inspection system, SmartGrind can be deployed either via AGILITY robotic crawlers or attached to the ILUC to solve defects in the production line. Excess material is removed rapidly and welds are shaped for improved coatability. OMS laser measurement technology provides quantitative weld information to verify no loss of wall thickness. Post-grinding, welds are re-inspected to confirm quality. Weld surfaces are left stronger and more suitable for coating. Based on tried and tested technology, SmartGrind is a robust and reliable system capable of operating effectively in harsh industrial environments.

OMS is currently holding SmartGrind demonstrations at our facilities in Stansted, Essex. If you would like further information or to arrange a demonstration, please contact us.

Technical details

  • Mounted flap disc carries out targeted, localised repairs with reduced risk of parent material loss
  • 12in – 60in nominal pipe sizes
  • Suitable for CS and CRA pipe
  • Deployed as part of the node weld inspection system or attach to ILUC
  • Lightweight, easily transportable
  • Robust and reliable – ideal for harsh offshore environments