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DP Flow Elements and Special Pipe Fittings for Power Plant Solutions

SEIKO Flowcontrol is the preferred supplier for differential pressure (DP) flow elements in many industries.

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SEIKO Flowcontrol is the preferred supplier of differential pressure (DP) flow elements in many industries. Since the first DP devices were developed more than 100 years ago, this measuring technique still has the largest installed base of all flow measurements, especially in the chemical, oil and gas, and power industries.

DP flow elements and accessories

SEIKO can offer a complete range of DP flow elements, including orifice plates, orifice flanges and meter/run assemblies, compact orifice flow meters, restriction orifices and flow nozzles including the throat-tap nozzle, venturi tubes and averaging pitot tubes. In addition to the flow elements, SEIKO can also deliver thermowells and special pipe fittings.

The design of flow elements can be done according to all major standards including the latest editions of DIN EN ISO 5167, ASME MFC-3M and PTC 19.5, API and AGA standards, and can be supplied with a certificate of conformity acc. to EU Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC.

The SEIKO in-house capabilities for non-destructive testing include pressure and leakage test, ultrasonic and radiographic inspection, dye-penetration and hardness survey and PMI testing. All deliveries can be backed up with a customised full set of documentation starting with design and flow calculations to dispatch inspection reports.

Long-radius throat-tap nozzles acc. ASME PTC-6 are available for performance testing of steam turbines in power generation plants.
Orifice plates are one of the most economical devices of measuring flow.
For applications demanding a high accuracy flow measurement from the flow element, the upstream and downstream pipe section must be attached to a so-called meter run assembly, such as the orifice assembly.
Restriction orifices are used to reduce the process line pressure or to restrict the flow to a pre-defined value regardless of the downstream pressure.
The ISA-1932 nozzle is used for high velocity, non-viscous, erosive flows which would wear or damage an orifice plate.
The Venturi nozzle is an attractive solution for measurements with high accuracy and low residual pressure loss requirements.
SEIKO Venturi tubes serve users with accurate measurements of non-viscous fluids in clean or dirty streams.
A pitot tube measures flow by sensing the difference between the impact pressure of the flow and the static pressure.
Thermowells are used to protect temperature sensors used to monitor industrial processes while permitting accurate measurement.
SEIKO is a manufacturer of special pipe fittings for newly-constructed or maintained steam and water cycle systems of thermal power plants.

Flow elements for thermal power plants

In today’s complex power market SEIKO Flowcontrol is a strong partner capable of providing competitive flow element solutions for thermal power plants. Our design of flow elements for power plants is optimised in terms of performance, and lifetime and operational flexibility to ensure benefits.

SEIKO Flowcontrol has developed technological innovations for use in steam power generation for the application of boilers, steam and gas turbines and the balance of the plant.

Utility boiler applications, drum type or once-through with subcritical, supercritical or ultra-supercritical steam parameters, can have a main steam pressure of up to 280 bar with temperature in the range of 600°C. Combined heat and power (CHP) cogeneration plants can provide cycle efficiency in excess of 75% and deliver in a single unit the heat required for industrial processes. Our flow elements are also used to measure mass and energy flow in district heating systems and desalination plants.

We can also offer extensive experience for state-of-the-art flow elements for combined cycle power plants (CCPP or CCGT) with advanced gas turbines, or waste heat from industrial processes using heat recovery steam generators (HSRG).

SEIKO Flowcontrol has a proven history of supplying flow elements for thermal power plants, with more than 20,000 installations around the world.

Flow measurement solutions for chemical industry boilers, turbines and heating systems

There are many industrial processes where our flow elements are installed. One of the biggest segments served by SEIKO Flowcontrol is the chemical industry, including organic and inorganic basic chemicals, polymers, fertilizers and viscose fiber plants.

With an energy demand of 3MWh – 5MWh for one ton of production of paper, pulp and paper manufacturing plants are the world’s fourth biggest primary energy-using industry. Most mills have their own plants for the generation of electricity and the production of steam. Bear in mind, a pulp and paper mill may have a number of different types and sizes of boilers and turbines and district heating running reliable flow measurements are needed to balance the total plant operation.

SEIKO Flowcontrol is a trusted partner that provides experience and technical know-how to deliver the optimum flow element to solve any application challenge.

Special pipe fittings for thermal power plants

SEIKO manufactures special pipe fittings for newly-constructed and maintained steam and water cycle systems of thermal power plants. These pipe fittings are produced in our own plant using the latest machining, automatic welding and heat treatment technology. A highly qualified team experienced in processing most modern materials according to EN and ASME standard, guarantees correct design and quality.

SEIKO’s special pipe fitting production includes TEE-pieces, lateral TEE pieces, WYE-pieces, self-reinforced branch fittings and other transition pieces and special flanges made from seamless pipes or forged bars, headers, attemperators and steam screens.

Typically these sizes are between 1in up to 60in, with a weight of up to 12t and a length of up to 15m with heavy-wall forgings and wall thickness.

In our test laboratory we can carry out all requested non-destructive tests including dimensional and alignment check, examinations with liquid penetration, magnetic particles, radiographic, ultrasonic, hardness and positive material identification (PMI). All test reports, together with the material certificates, will be inserted in a final documentation record book. As a remarkable supplier of high-resistance forged pipe fittings, SEIKO has served several major companies for renewal projects.

We are certified for all common national and international standards for manufacturing of high-pressure piping components including PED and ASME regulations. The SEIKO quality system, based on ISO 9001, is subject to regular internal and external audits, of our own operations and our sub-suppliers, to ensure that we fulfill all applicable quality, safety and environmental standards of our industrial partners for material and engineering services.

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    SEIKO offers a complete range of DP Flow Elements, including orifice plates, orifice flanges and meter run assemblies, compact orifice flow meters, restriction orifices, flow nozzles including the throattap nozzle, venturi tubes and averaging pitot tubes.

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