Stampinox provides a range of hot-forged special fasteners with no limits on dimensions, starting from M6 (metric system) or 1/4in (imperial system) diameters. Founded in 1975, Stampinox has over 30 years of experience, which has allowed the company to establish itself in national and international markets.

Hot-forged special fasteners

Stampinox’s use of innovative materials and technologies combined with an internal quality system and continuous research of organizational and production improvements has allowed the company to succeed in providing exceptional products for a range of applications, including gas turbines and compressors, sea platforms for oil lifts, naval engines, valves, chemical and petrochemical plants, nuclear plants, heat exchangers and boilers.

Alloy steel, stainless-steel, titanium and duplex, special duplex and special alloy fasteners

Stampinox provides hot-forged special fasteners in alloy steels, stainless steels (austentics and martenistics), and duplex, super duplex and special alloys.

Fastener quality assurance and inspection systems

Quality assurance is an important part of Stampinox’s production and service process. Highly skilled and qualified personnel allow the company to reach its primary aim of complete client satisfaction, as well as carrying out various control activities and tests by means of inspection systems and research laboratories, which can be considered among the most modern in Europe.

Stampinox has been providing hot-forged special fasteners for a range of applications for over 30 years.
Stampinox offers hot-forged special fasteners, bolts, nuts and fittings in alloy steels, stainless steels, and duplex, super duplex and special alloys.
Stampinox’s products have been BSI-certified according to the ISO 9001:2000 quality standard since 2003.
Stampinox supplies special fasteners for pipes and valves on sea platforms.
Stampinox provides gas turbines and compressors from the leading producers in the power industry.

The use of adequate control instruments, periodically checked, ensures Stampinox avoids the production of faulty products. In addition, its control and production process is constantly checked to guarantee compliance with technical requirements.

BSI-certified fasteners

Thanks to the internal development of Stampinox’s quality system, the company received BSI certification according to ISO 9001:2000 standards in 2003. The holding and observation of requirements according to German specifications confirm the full satisfaction as per AD-Merkblatt W 0/TDR 100, obtained by TÜV in 1988.

Fasteners for offshore pipes and valves

Stampinox provides a range of special fasteners for pipes and valves on sea platforms and in the chemical and petrochemical sectors. The company has a large stock of raw materials, including alloy steels, stainless steels, titanium, duplex and super duplex steels, super alloys and special alloys, which enables the realization of every item with a particular care, even in the construction of pieces used on UREA plants.

Fittings for air coolers, boilers and other special applications

Stampinox has developed some preferential lines of products, reaching high automation goals in the production and control process. The construction of fittings for air coolers and boilers has allowed the company to conquer large market areas and become a leader in this sector.

Furthermore, Stampinox studies and develops particular production processes and permits the manufacturing of new materials for special applications on experimental prototypes in different fields.

Hot-forged special fasteners for shipbuilding and naval engines

Stampinox is able to manufacture hot-forged special fasteners with no limits on dimensions for specific use in the naval field. The company offers its customers highly reliable products and guarantees to be an active partner.

Gas turbines and compressors

Stampinox has rapidly become a leading supplier of the most important producers of gas turbines and compressors. The materials in stock combined with high-quality productive equipment technology allow Stampinox to produce special items of the best quality.