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Steeltrade Srl

Steel Piping Components and Valves

Località Cattagnina,
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Steeltrade is a leading manufacturer of steel piping components for key engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractors worldwide and clients within the offshore industry sector.

Steel piping components for marine applications

Steeltrade supplies pipes in accordance to X52, X60 X65, X70 and X80 standards, duplex steel with UNS 31803 and 32750 grades and their equivalent for fittings, flanges and forgings. The company also provides materials with CRA overlay in 6625 / 8825.

Stud bolts, buttweld and forged fittings

Steeltrade offers high-quality forgings, made by approved well-known Italian forge-masters and certified sub-suppliers that produce swivel and anchor flanges with a fast delivery time.

Steeltrade’s core products are:

  • Buttweld and forged fittings
  • Flanges
  • Gaskets
  • Stud bolts
  • Valves
  • Welded and seamless pipes

Actuated, casted, forged and motor-operated valves

Steeltrade’s valve division specialises in a full range of forged, casted, actuated and motor-operated valves.

The company’s range of valves include:

  • Ball valves:
    • Types: trunnion, floating, side entry, top entry, fully welded, soft and metal seated, rising stem, DBB, trunnion three-way L-T, cryogenic, subsea
    • Materials: carbon, stainless-steel, low temperature, special alloys: monel, hastelloy, incoloy and Duplex SS
    • Sizes: 1/2in – 60in
  • Check valves:
    • Types: wafer, dual plate, axial non slam, tilting check, nozzle check, stop check
    • Materials: carbon, stainless-steel, alu-bronze, cast iron, alloy steel, special alloys
    • Sizes: 2in – 60in
  • Gate and globe valves:
    • Types: bolted bonnet, pressure seal, bellows sealed, through conduit, cryogenic, Y pattern
    • Materials: carbon, stainless, duplex and alloy steels, low temperature, special alloys
    • Sizes: 1/2in – 60in
  • Manual and pneumatic butterfly valves:
    • Types: wafer, lug, flanged, soft and metal seated, triple offset
    • Materials: carbon, stainless-steel, alu-bronze, cast iron, ductile iron, alloy steel, special alloys
    • Sizes: 2in – 60in
  • Diaphragm valves:
    • Types: manual, pneumatic, weir type, straight type, single / double aluminium cylinder
    • Materials: cast iron unlined and ebonite lined, diaphragm in neoprene-butyl, hypalon-nitrile, silicon rubber, PTFE, viton
    • Sizes: 1/2in – 14in
  • Pinch valves
    • Types: manual, pinch with single / double aluminium cylinder fitted with pneumatic operation
    • Materials: cast iron, aluminium; sleeve in natural rubber, EPDM, neoprene-butyl, neoprene silicon rubber, hypalon, viton
    • Sizes: 3/8in – 14in

Customised control valves, strainers and steam traps

Steeltrade also supplies a range of components such as control valves, safety / relief valves, strainers, steam traps and dedicated valve pups.

In addition to the wide range of products manufactured in accordance with international standards, Steeltrade has an internal engineering department that designs, calculates, develops and produces special components according to the requirements of its customers.

The quality of every Steeltrade component is certified and guaranteed by its quality control department. All suppliers are inspected and qualified and all personnel ensures that they are monitored during each stage of their production process, in order to guarantee maximum quality of the products.

Steeltrade’s technical department ensures that continuous technical support is given to its customers throughout the project cycle, as well as its project management department, which is always at work to ensure that customers’ contractual deadlines are met.

Enterprise resource planning systems

Steeltrade’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) system provides real-time production progress and status updates, geographic localisation of the shipments and consignment dates to the construction site.

This enables the company to anticipate post-installation maintenance schedules and notify the client beforehand.

Services provided by Steeltrade

Steeltrade offers a variety of services, including:

  • Procurement
  • Export documentation, material test certificates
  • Final preparation of packing / marking
  • Financing facilities
  • Forwarding and shipping
  • Laboratory tests according to the relevant specifications
  • Monitoring of the manufacturing process, including inspection stage
  • Pre-shipment inspection (visual and dimensional control)
  • Third-party inspections

Steel Piping Components

Since 1981, Steeltrade has been a leading supplier operating within the oil and gas, chemical, water and energy sectors.

Steeltrade at OSEA 2014

Steeltrade will be attending the OSEA 2014 exhibition, being held on 2-5 December in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

Steeltrade Srl

Località Cattagnina

29010 Rottofreno (PC)