Steuer Nederland supplies and stocks stainless, duplex, alloy and carbon steel pipes, fittings and flanges.

Standard and highly-sophisticated custom pipe products

Steuer Nederland specialises in made-to-measure deliveries of a range of products for use in full-scale projects. These range from approved standard products to highly-sophisticated specials.

Steuer Nederland supplies products for various applications, such as the offshore, chemical and petrochemical industry, power companies and machine and equipment manufacturers.

Steuer Nederland owes its excellent reputation first and foremost to the company vision that quality, accuracy, competence and service should exceed formal certification standards.

Seamless stainless and duplex steel pipes.
Buttweld and forged fittings.
Stainless and duplex steel flanges.
Stainless steel special tee.
Heavy wall duplex tees.

Every single employee is fully aware of the fact that our products are part of a safe connection. Therefore, irrespective of the size or scope of the supply, each Steuer product meets the highest possible standards.

We can make the connection between your demands and our expertise.

Stainless pipes, fittings and flanges

Steuer Nederland has a large stock of stainless pipes, fittings and flanges available within the scope stipulated by ASTM/ASME and ANSI-standards. Steuer Nederland distinguishes between the stock on hand and a full-range delivery programme.

The latter enables Steuer to supply all kinds of products efficiently and on demand, whatever the required finish, dimension or material, and not only according to ASTM standards, but also according to DIN/EN and API standards.

It consists of a range of seamless or welded pipes, fittings, flanges and specials based on one-off drawings. Be it nickel or low alloy, stainless or carbon-steel, the delivery programme of Steuer Nederland includes them all.

Value-added services for pipes, fittings and flanges

Offering value-added services is what makes Steuer Nederland stand out. The company is certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and approved by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance, which guarantees that all appropriate procedures are being applied. But there’s more to it than meets the eye.

Supplying on a project-by-project basis

Owing to the close co-operation with our German parent company, an extensive network and a wide experience, Steuer Nederland is the ideal partner for made-to-measure products. One single delivery can entail products made of stainless-steel, nickel and carbon-steel.

Keeping a system of certification

Correct product certification is paramount. Having the appropriate certificates at hand, wherever the actual project is carried out, prevents unnecessary and time-consuming delays. To achieve this, Steuer Nederland utilises a completely digitalised system of certification.

Inspection opportunities

The large Sliedrecht-based warehouse offers outstanding possibilities to conveniently arrange the products in stock for inspection purposes.

Cutting and re-marking

Steuer Nederland has the disposal of a ‘Declaration of Re-marking Acceptance’, provided by Lloyd’s Register Nederland B.V. – Stoomwezen. Because of that, Steuer Nederland is authorised to re-mark on their premises any piping product that has been cut.

Drawing and strength calculations

Steuer Nederland provides drawing and strength calculations according to Stoomwezen standards.

Container haulage

Temporary storage and transfer by container is possible at the company’s Sliedrecht-location.

Expedite department

The expedite department employees see to it that your order is executed in perfect accordance with your instructions. Steuer Nederland BV is certified according ISO 9001: 2008 and accredited by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance.