Tri-Star Industries Launches Patented New Hydraulic Torque Wrench

hydraulic wrench

Tri-Star Industries Pte Ltd is pleased to announce its patented Swift Torque® hydraulic torque wrench system, which combines the latest in innovative materials and technologies to create a versatile tool that is both lightweight and durable.

Not only can it boost the efficiency, it is a cost-effective way of tightening critical studs and bolts.

In today’s challenging market, the new Swift Torque low-profile tool is able to improve productivity, reduce operator fatigue and accelerate schedules.

The new Swift Torque low-profile torque wrench has been found to perform 20% faster than its rivals, and is also approximately 10% lighter than its competitors due to its lightweight aluminium construction.

Swift Torque specifications

  • Construction: Lightweight compact design using the latest innovative materials
  • Design: Strong, durable, reliable and easy to operate
  • 10,000psi (700Bar) operating pressure: Delivers swift cycling of the torque wrench resulting in 20% quicker performance
  • Tilt and swivel manifold: Hose connections give 360° and 180° positioning
  • Market leading efficiency: Due to the large nut rotation of 32°, bolts get tightened faster
  • Interchangeable heads: Cassettes can be changed quickly, easily and safely
  • Assembly Swift latch-on design: Does not require specialized tools or pins to secure cassette to hydraulic cylinder
  • Accuracy: High torque output with +/- 2% tolerance

For more information, please contact Tri-Star Industries via the enquiries form.

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