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Fogging Systems for Offshore Gas Turbines

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Mee Industries has been leading the way in high-pressure fog applications for over 30 years. Today, with many thousands of installations to our credit, Mee Industries is the undisputed leader in high-pressure water fogging in the offshore industry.

We provide custom-engineered, turnkey fog solutions. Our team of highly experienced professionals works closely with each client to ensure that their particular project is a total success.

Inlet air fogging systems for offshore gas turbines

When it comes to gas turbine inlet air fogging solutions, Mee Industries stands above the rest. With over 80% of the installed capacity of inlet fogging systems, Mee Industries is the inlet fogging industry leader.

Mee Industries has performed over 700 successful projects for more than 100 clients, including most major oil and gas companies. We have completed fog system installations in many countries around the world.

Mee Industries is the undisputed leader in high-pressure water fogging in the offshore industry.
We supply gas turbine inlet air fogging for power augmentation.
A turnkey installation at a 600MW combined cycle power plant, involving six MeeFog™ skids and the turnkey installation of 2.5km of high-pressure tubing, fog system commissioning, and start-up.
Our high-pressure MeeFog™ skids have been supplied to several major utilities and gas turbine OEMs.
MeeFog™ array for a frame 7FA gas turbine.

The MeeFog™ system has the following benefits:

  • Increases output by 20% or more
  • Improves heat rate up to 5%
  • Reduces NOx emissions up to 30%
  • Up to 100% evaporation efficiency
  • Easy retrofit and fast installation
  • Fog inter-cooling gives additional boost
  • Reduces fuel consumption

Fog evaporative cooling

Direct turbine inlet fogging (cooling) is a method of cooling where demineralized water is converted into a fog of very small water droplets by means of special atomizing nozzles operating at 2,000psi (138bar) pressure. The fog provides evaporative cooling when it evaporates in the air inlet duct of the gas turbine.

This technique allows 100% evaporation effectiveness so it is possible to attain 100% relative humidity at the gas turbine inlet. The inlet air is, therefore, cooled to the ambient wet bulb temperature.

Overspray fogging systems

High-pressure inlet fogging can also be used to create a compressor intercooling effect by allowing liquid fog droplets to enter the compressor, where they evaporate when the air is heated by compression. This technique is called overspray fogging or wet compression.

Injecting liquid fog into a gas turbine compressor at a rate of 2% of the air mass flow can provide a power boost of as much as 10%. Mee Industries has made many installations of systems that are used for both evaporative cooling and overspray fogging. The combined power boost can be as high as 25%.

Fog systems for the offshore industry

Mee Industries’ fog system technology makes it possible to produce 20% more power output from gas turbines that are used to generate electricity or to compress natural gas for transportation, re-injection wells, etc.

Offshore MeeFog systems are specially designed to be compact and lightweight. Integral water treatment systems are also available. Our design team can customize systems to suit your needs and requirements.

Inlet air fogging for gas turbines

Mee Industries is the world leader in gas turbine inlet air fogging for power augmentation. We have been making fog systems for gas turbine applications since the early 1990s and have successfully completed more than 700 installations.

We offer efficient and cost-effective solutions for all types and sizes of gas turbines. Mee Industries will work with you every step of the way to ensure your project is a complete success.

Inlet air fogging services

Our services include feasibility studies, detailed fog system engineering, full equipment supply, including water treatment, water storage tanks, controls integration, installation or installation supervision, commissioning and testing, operator training, and after-sale service and support.

Air-cooled heat exchanger cooling technology

Mee fog systems can also be applied for cooling large air-cooled heat exchangers, boosting compressor throughput and efficiency, and any other processes that may benefit from large-scale evaporative cooling.

Press Releases

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    Mee Industries has announced that its seal-flushed pumps provide extended seal life for fog pumps. These flushed pumps are designed for intense, continuous-duty gas turbine DI water-fogging application and offer a near maintenance-free operation, energy-efficiency and long life. Foggin

  • Turnkey Water Filtration Systems Now Available from MeeFog

    Mee Industries is providing turnkey fog systems for cooling inlet air, in order to boost the gas turbine power output. The new water treatment and storage option can be added to provide a fully engineered single sourcing of components. Benefits of turnkey installations<

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