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Low Maintenance, Compact Gas Turbines for the Oil and Gas Industry

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OPRA Turbines is an international developer, manufacturer and servicer of advanced, clean, low emissions gas turbine generating sets using the OP16 series of gas turbines. Our key markets are 1.5MW -10MW power generation solutions for oil and gas, marine, industrial and commercial power markets.

OPRA Turbines has an international team of professionals covering all aspects of a global gas turbine business. Modern test facilities, packaging engineering, a 24hr-on-call service department and a R&D department are all based in Hengelo, The Netherlands.

OPRA Turbines’ founder designed, developed and commercialised the first radial gas turbine for industrial use in 1963. OPRA Turbines benefits from 50 years of advanced, continuously furthered, patented gas turbine technology and has a culture of innovation and unique expertise in all radial gas turbines engines.

Low-emissions industrial gas turbines

The OP16 industrial gas turbine exhibits world-class efficiency, low emissions combustion and multi-fuel capability, and boasts highest efficiency in its power range. In the 2MW power range OPRA’s all radial configuration offers exceptional robustness and performance compared to conventional axial turbines and reciprocating engines.

Four OP16 gas turbine units at BP TNK oil field in Rodnikovka in Orenburg, Russia.
Eight OP16 gas turbine units in an oil and gas field in Siberia.
OP16 gas turbine units at Piranema offshore site in Brazil.
OP16 gas turbine units running on flare gas in the Chestnut field in the North Sea.

The OP16 gas turbine powered generator set can be provided in configurations to meet specific customer requirements. It comes as a standard compact package for use in single and multiple installations. Using multiple units, generating capacity of up to 10MW -12MW can be provided. Rental options are also available. A standard generator package comes as a 20ft container and typically features the following:

  • Power output: 1.8MWe
  • Low emissions: low NOx
  • High efficiency: 26% electrical efficiency
  • High exhaust temperature: 570oC
  • High availability: one 24-hr inspection per year
  • Time between overhaul (TBH): 40,000hr
  • Fuel flexibility: operates equally well on liquid and gaseous fuels
  • Dual fuel: switching of fuels under full load
  • Low noise: 80dBa-85dBa (distance 1m)
  • Long-term service contracts

Benefits of turbine engines

Compared with diesel and gas engines, turbine engines are more compact, vibration free and of much lower weight. Turbine engines enjoy superior overall efficiency when the exhaust heat is utilised for steam production or cooling. Virtually all ‘losses’ are in the form of useful exhaust heat. Reciprocating engines have internal friction losses which are not recoverable. Turbine engines are air cooled, so no cooling water is needed.

OPRA Turbines’ OP16 gas turbine engine emissions are down to 15ppmv on natural gas, compared with 1,000ppmv for reciprocating engines. It is easy to dampen the high frequency sound, resulting in low noise unlike a reciprocating engine. A more reliable turbine engine means maintenance is low and costs less with virtually zero lube oil consumption. Ease of operating on dual fuel (gas and liquid) as well as alternative fuel differentiates it further from diesel and gas engines.

OP16 generator sets for oil and gas applications

The OP16 generator set is compact, lightweight and reliable. Low maintenance and high availability makes it well-suited for oil and gas applications. For offshore sites there is the added benefit of the small footprint and low weight. Low maintenance can be achieved because the turbines are of a simple yet robust design – radial turbines will keep on running despite extreme operational wear. The highest time prior to overhaul in an installation is 50,000hr (and counting) in an oil field in north-east Russia.

The OP16s run well on different types of associated gas which has many forms – such as having high or low calorific values or high sulphur content. Running an OP16 on flare gas eliminates wasteful flares. The hot exhaust gases of the OP16 gas turbine sets can be used for process and heating in oil and gas applications.

As a result OPRA turbines are used by several major oil and gas companies operating in Russia, the North Sea and Brazil. The OP16 has proven to be a reliable power source onshore and offshore, from the extreme colds of Siberia to the hot and dusty environments in the Middle East.

Benefits of OP16 generator sets for cogeneration

OPRA Turbines offers solution for combined heat and power applications. The OP16 has emissions levels below EU / global regulations and runs well on alternative fuels. As a result, OPRA Turbines can offer the right solution where environmental criteria are important.

The hot exhaust gases of the OP16 can be used for process and heating applications. Depending on the application an OP16 turbine based co-generation plant can reach an overall fuel utilisation of 90%. At full load approximately 5MW of heat is available in the clean exhaust gases. At full load typically 6t/hr of high-pressure steam can be generated. The low emissions and high exhaust temperature allows for direct use of the exhaust heat.

As a result OPRA Turbines has delivered power generation sets to applications such as Sochi Winter Olympics 2014 in Russia and for combined cycle solvent destruction for Fujifilm, the Netherlands.

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    OPRA Turbines is a leading global provider of turbine powered energy solutions. We develop, manufacture, market and service turbine generating sets for use in single or multiple installations in the 1.5MW - 10MW power range.

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