Parat HalvorsenParat Halvorsen has been awarded with a new boiler plant contract with Kleven Maritime.

The ship will be built at Kleven Verft AS, NB 357, and is of Marine Teknikk design MT 6015 which is a combined platform supply and subsea construction vessel. The ship will be delivered to owner Myklebusthaug Management in February 2013.

The Parat boiler plant consists of an electric 1,250kW boiler, including heat recovery exchangers for various water consumers and a complete system, including steam injection lances for ORO/OSR mobilisation, which is a necessary key part to meet and satisfy NOFO’s demands and regulations.

The most challenging aspect within our scope of delivery is that the boiler shall be powered on direct current voltage and not an alternating current which has been the standard solution. Many leaders within the industry argue that DC power distribution onboard a ship will eliminate the problem with reactive power and save energy as the generator engines not are dependent on running at a fixed speed regardless of power outlet. This new technology is expected to lead to a reduction in fuel consumption between 10-20%, depending on operational profile.

Ship details:

Length overall 93,80m
Length between p.p. 86,75m
Breadth moulded 20,00m
Dept. main deck midship 8,00m
Max. draft midship (SWL), approx. 6,50m
Depth shelter deck 10,85m