Hellesøy Shipyard has signed a new PSV contract with Siem Offshore Rederi in Kristiansand, Norway. For this new building, number 152, Hellesøy has once again chosen to furnish their ship with a boiler plant from Parat Halvorsen. Part of Parat’s scope of supply will be one combined 1250kW electric steam and hot water boiler.

In normal vessel operation the boiler is part of the hot water and heat recovery loop, and supplies necessary additional heat to the HVAC, sanitary and tank heating systems onboard. If an oil spill disaster should occur, the boiler will be re-mobilised to run as a steam boiler. The steam is used to maintain viscosity in the recovered crude oil emulsion in the ORO storage tanks, in complete accordance with the NOFO requirements.

The vessel is of a new Wärtsilä ship design named VS 4411 DF, with dual fuel propulsion, LNG and MDO. With a new diesel / LNG-electric propulsion system, completly equipped for rescue class for 300 persons and fire fighting class II, the ship is build according to the most stringent PSV rules and demands.

The ship is planned to be delivered to its owner in June 2014.