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Sound-Attenuated Containers and Insulated Containers for Electrical Equipment

1 via dell'Artigianato,
29028 Ponte dell'Olio,

1 via dell'Artigianato,
29028 Ponte dell'Olio,

Sital is specialized in the production of customized containers for generators and electrical equipment, from the concept to the finished product.

Soundproof, insulating, fire-resistant and blast-resistant containers

With more than 30 years of experience in the field of soundproofing and insulation, Sital has built up an archive of items suitable for any situation: from desert to low-temperature environments, and from offshore to residential installations. Our products range from fire-resistant to blast-resistant containers.

Sound-attenuated containers

From the standard 75dB(A) at 7m to stricter noise residual levels, Sital containers can meet any requirement, taking care of your equipment and making sure that it can work in the harshest conditions. Different layouts and soundproofing materials can be used to meet any space limitations or at the special request of the customer.

Sound-attenuated canopies in mounting kits

For smaller generators, Sital has engineered the Sital Fast sound-attenuated canopy. 22 models are ready in stock complete with their own exhaust-gas silencers, and are packed in mounting kits so that they can be easily shipped worldwide at a low transportation cost.

Customized insulated containers for electrical equipment

Sital provides customized containers for electrical equipment that needs to be insulated. When the final site of installation is a hot-temperature environment, Sital can supply containers equipped with an air conditioning system that guarantees optimal performance. When a large substation is required, Sital containers can be shipped as single units and united on-site in order to form one big room.

Fireproof, weatherproof, demountable and specially painted containers

Our production capabilities also include A0, A30, A60, H60 and H120 fireproof containers, weatherproof containers (with no soundproofing or insulation), demountable enclosures for indoor installation and containers with special painting patterns (stripes, camouflage, etc.).

Accessories for customized containers

Our products can also be customized using the following accessories:

  • Lighting systems (normal and emergency)
  • Fire detection systems
  • Fire-fighting systems
  • Dust filtering systems
  • Sand filtering systems
  • Pressurizing systems
  • CSC certification
  • Removable roofs
  • Certified lifting lugs
  • False floors
  • Hydraulic lifting and levelling systems
  • Motorized louvers
  • Fire dampers
  • Roof-access ladders
  • Roof-access handrails

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1 via dell'Artigianato

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