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Onsite HSE Staffing, Support and Training

AMR Onsite Safety & Health provides onsite safety and medical staffing, 24-hour on-call physician support services and emergency safety and medical training for companies with traditional and remote working sites such as offshore or land-based oil rigs.

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AMR Onsite Safety & Health provides onsite safety and medical staffing, 24-hour on-call physician support services, as well as emergency safety and medical training for companies with traditional and remote working sites such as offshore and land-based oil rigs.

We also offer a range of customizable services depending on the needs of our customers. These include:

  • Telemedicine/ telehealth solutions
  • Wellness equipment and programmes
  • PEC/ Premier safety training
  • Occupational safety and health administration (OSHA) training
  • Credential tracking for employees
  • Equipment and supply purchasing and inventory management support
  • Safety/ medical staffing solutions, including paramedics and medical directors as required
  • Onsite clinics, including staffing and transport programmes
  • Air-ambulance transportation for sick or injured employees via AMRAIR

AMR Onsite proudly serves customers worldwide. Our services provide accessible support for fast-paced industries to find quick and efficient solutions for keeping job sites staffed and employees supported and productive.

Onsite safety and health personnel staffing

The right personnel can dramatically improve the safety, health and success of your job. AMR Onsite offers a full complement of staffing solutions, from clerks to HSE paramedics to HSEQ managers, which allow you to meet your short and long-term goals for single or multi-site job assignments.

AMR Onsite’s HSE advisors help keep your site safe. Shown here, a hazard hunt uncovers a problem that needs to be mitigated.
AMR Onsite offers ninth brain, which is an easy-to-use, web-based software for HSE compliance reporting, continuing education, credential tracking and more.
Having personnel on hand is crucial, especially in remote locations. AMR Onsite’s staffing solutions ensure you have people with the right attitude to care for and support your employees.
AMR Onsite’s medical equipment and inventory management programme ensures you have the necessary equipment and supplies.
Our team members are certified helicopter landing officers and can assist with landing and refueling medical helicopters. This is just one of many value-added services we can offer.

As a member of your team, AMR Onsite will meet the high standards you expect from your employees. We carefully screen and place temporary personnel and provide the orientation and training needed to ensure success.

Both hourly and daily inclusive rates are available. This means there are no additional expenses to cover overtime, fees associated with call out, minimum hour or first aid calls. Our daily rates ensure that maintaining your third-party personnel expenses is easy.

Telemedicine/ telehealth

AMR Onsite’s telemedicine/ telehealth solutions provide onsite and on-call medical care, even for workers that are oceans away from the nearest clinic or hospital. Our telemedicine/ telehealth solutions use proven diagnostic and monitoring tools to connect doctors and patients from any location with telecom or satellite connections. Expert care is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week from AMR Onsite physicians.

Employee health access programs

AMR Onsite also offers health screenings that include vital signs, 12-lead EKG monitoring, blood glucose screening and minor lab work along with inoculations, flu shots and vaccinations.

Medical equipment and inventory management

AMR Onsite’s medical equipment and inventory management program ensures that you have the equipment and supplies needed to care for your employees, even in remote locations.

AMR Onsite will evaluate your current medical equipment and medical supply inventory and make recommendations for equipment and supplies for enhancement. Using the Ninth Brain software system, we can also track the expiry dates of the medications in your inventory and advise you when they need to be replaced. We can track the stocking and use of narcotic medications and access spreadsheets to ensure accountability and control.

AMR Onsite offers a complete line of medical equipment and supplies. As a subsidiary of American Medical Response, a leading US ambulance service company, our buying power allows us to offer our customers outstanding pricing on leading medical equipment and supplies.

Training and education

As well as being a leading provider of continuing education, AMR Onsite Services is a training provider for PEC/ Premier. This is quickly becoming the oil and gas industry’s standard for safety orientation.

Our education programs allow personnel to develop and maintain the skills they need to provide safe work environments, superior patient care and develop clinical skills for evolving needs. AMR Onsite can also create custom training packages based on unique needs, including worksite safety and OSHA compliance.

Electronic credential tracking and patient care reporting

AMR Onsite’s ninth brain software can also be used for HSE/ SEMS compliance reporting, continuing education, credential tracking and much more. The easy-to-use, secure, web-based software package saves time and money, improves communication with employees and streamlines the necessary record keeping.

Our customers receive private, customized online access to view, track and print the credentials of their employees and our employees that are assigned to them. Ninth Brain also offers easy tracking of education records, contact information and wellness and health information, including fit-for-duty status and first aid contact logs. To ensure security, this information can only be viewed by the customer and the AMR Onsite safety and health administrator.

Through Ninth Brain, our customers can also upload operation-specific education programs and gain access to a wide range of nationally accredited training courses. This makes continuing education and compliance training simple for employees and businesses. Ninth Brain’s tracking mechanism makes it easy to track the training activities of individual employees. It also alerts administrators when employees must complete required annual training.

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