CenterLine is always focusing on improvements that will enhance our safety and medical services for the oil and gas industry, which gives us the cutting-edge over competition.

We are a long-established company striving to continue building on our reputation of providing world-class services to the oil and gas industry through safety and medical support.

Since 2000, we have maintained our top-rated safety and medical services onshore, offshore and internationally. It is our goal to continue to provide a practical service through continued relationships with the top performers in the oil and gas industry for years to come.

We provide comprehensive safety and medical solutions for the oil and gas industry, with training also carried out onsite.
Our personnel have specific medical equipment for providing your staff with practical medical training.
emsCharts is a web-based system that enables instant sharing of safety data from the site with health personnel remotely.
Our drills for emergencies recreate the position of an injured person and the action required to ensure their safety.

Medics for emergencies at oil and gas sites

The primary role of our medical staff is to ensure the care of your personnel during a medical emergency. By having our medics cross-trained with the highest industry safety standards, they can also be used as HSE technicians. The duties of our medics can be tailored to fit your needs, along with any special training you may require.

Emergency medical services

Centerline uses a dynamic medical and safety response programme to reduce the potential for injuries and respond to any incident regardless of severity.

Our service uses the web-based medical record system emsCharts, which replaced our paper-based patient data collection methods. The web-based system helps provide more efficient emergency health care by allowing the data collection process to begin at the scene, and continue immediately by transmitting important information accurately and securely to doctors, hospitals, and responding agencies.

As well as the web-based charting system, we also use a web-based conferencing programme to ensure that our medics/HSE technicians are always able to talk face-to-face with upper management and our medical control doctor regardless of the job location.

Our EMS System incorporates critical care paramedics and procedures, in addition to both basic and advanced life support following the new American Heart Association Emergency Cardiovascular Care (ECC) guidelines. We use the latest technology in patient care before it becomes the standard-use. We are revolutionising industrial emergency medical care, and are proud to be partners and members of the following organisations:

  • National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians
  • Pioneers Medical Center
  • emsCharts
  • Emergency Medical Services Association of Colorado

Ensuring safety at onshore and offshore sites

The NREMT/HSE technician’s role as a safety officer is trained in multiple aspects of offshore and land-based operations to take on responsibilities that comprise:

  • Safety meetings
  • Record keeping
  • Orientation
  • Competent permit person
  • Safety data collection

Safety administration services

Our administrative assistant is for aiding the client representative, more so with clerical duties and taking care of site safety. Their job criteria can be discussed and tailored to fit the needs of our client and job site.

This service is recommended in areas where a local EMS service is within five to ten minutes away from your location. For 24-hour coverage, you can combine the services of a Medic/HSE Technician and a safety administrative assistant, depending on the sensitivity of the site.