Corcelle was founded in 1992 to provide organisations and individuals with effective French language courses featuring one-to-one total immersion. Situated in southern Burgundy, France, our residential courses are highly intensive programmes for motivated business executives and professionals. We have developed a French programme specifically for the oil and gas industry.

One-to-one French language courses

One-to-one courses are, without a doubt, the most effective way of learning a language. Only this formula allows a programme to be individually tailored to the particular needs and potential of each learner.

Residential French courses

Residential courses offer the optimum learning environment. Free from distraction, students can devote themselves fully to the acquisition and practice of French throughout their stay.

Students work on developing their language skills every minute of the day – during individual lessons with their trainers, at meals with other participants and teachers, at coffee breaks, during situational lessons or just in a quiet discussion in the library.

Corcelle, the optimum learning environment for motivated learners: free from distraction, far from the stress and strain of city life, students can devote themselves fully to the acquisition and practice of the language.
Emma (Christie's) visiting a jewellery maker with her teacher, François.
Heikki (Statoilhydro), Simon (UK) and Minna (Parliament of Finland) during lunch with their teachers.
Nicola and Sebastian practice their French over lunch on the terrace.
End of week picture: Hector (Forlactaria), Samir (Lafarge), Carina (Voith) and Tirso (Shell Gabon) with their trainers.

The school is located in Sigy-le-Châtel, near Cluny, in southern Burgundy. Each student has a suite comprising a single bedroom, WC and shower. The classroom has a TV, radio and MP3 player.

French course programme for oil and gas professionals

Corcelle’s French programme for oil and gas professionals consists of 50+ contact hours per week (including all meals with a teacher). The course is full-time with constant interaction and language development.

A teaching team of three to four teachers is allocated to each student. A daily revision recording, prepared by the teachers, is included in the programme and copied on CD for further use after the course.

Tailored French language programme

The Corcelle programme is completely individualised and tailored to the specific needs and potential of each student. Morning lessons are essentially devoted to programmed learning and practice of new material; afternoon lessons are devoted to communicative activities.

The typical daily schedule consists of the following:

  • Morning activity
  • Breakfast with teacher
  • Tuition
  • Coffee break
  • Tuition
  • Break
  • Tuition
  • Working lunch with teacher
  • Time out / private study
  • Communicative activities
  • Coffee break
  • Revision, specialised vocabulary
  • TV news, analysis and discussion
  • Dinner in a restaurant with teacher

Professional French language courses

“A better experience and school in which to learn French could not be created. Corcelle was perfect in every respect for my needs, which were to improve my French by working hard in a civilized environment. 

“Hubert and his team are expert linguists and know how to help one learn. The work was perfectly tailored to my needs, and the food and support was great. I recommend Corcelle very highly,” said Sebastian N from Sharjah, the United Arab Emirates, in September 2009.