Global TCC

The unprecedented increase in security challenges for the offshore industry worldwide has reached every area of the industry, from screening of potential job applicants to policing of offshore assets. Safe transit and security of personnel operating on offshore assets is now a logistical and operational necessity. Personnel need to know and understand how to keep themselves and others safe in unforeseen security emergencies.

For this reason, all seafarers operating under the ISPS Code should have been provided with this training by 1 January 2012. The International Maritime Organisation requested this to be enforced by 1 July 2015 and now this is less than 12 months away. Global TCC (GTCC) will help client companies to meet any shortfalls that this legal requirement will bring.

  • Dates: to client requirements (a schedule of dates will be agreed with clients)
  • Venue: GTCC Skills Centre, Dyce, Aberdeen, or designated client location (can be delivered offshore)
  • Suitable for: all personnel (no minimum entry requirements)
  • Fee: onshore rate per delegate £99 exclusive of VAT
  • Fee: offshore rate per delegate as above plus usual day-rated and mobilisation fees for trainer offshore
"Have you identified your requirements yet, and more importantly, have you booked?"

GTCC shares the Global Energy Group’s aspiration of prioritising the client’s requirements onshore or offshore and maintaining standards by overcoming any barriers.

We are rapidly approaching 2015 and GTCC anticipates a large increase in the demand for this training as the industry becomes more aware of the regulatory deadline. Have you identified your requirements yet, and more importantly, have you booked?

The award-winning energy sector service provider Global Energy Group stands at the forefront of offshore industry demands and maintains an operational tempo and business awareness that transcends the success it has already enjoyed to date.

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