Life and Rescue International (LRI) is Australia’s leading provider of specialised life support, rescue and asset protection solutions. For 25 years we have been providing specialist fire-fighting, height, confined-space and rescue services to the oil and gas, defence and mining industries.

National locations, highly mobile crews and transferrable skills mean LRI can access any site across Australia, no matter how remote — onshore or offshore. Our international division is on-call for projects across the globe, and can design and deliver comprehensive life and rescue programmes that meet the demands of the most challenging operational environments.

Life and rescue training for the offshore industry

LRI, a registered training organisation (RTO), provides nationally accredited training across Australia to over 1,000 organisations. Currently, we have trained more than 40,000 professionals in the field of life and rescue. Our cost-effective training is conducted by qualified workplace trainers that risk assess for accurate training needs.

With over 100 competencies, LRI has an expansive platform from which to tailor and customise courses. Our training course offering includes but is not limited to:

LRI provides specialist fire-fighting, height, confined-space and rescue services, including equipment and training, to the oil and gas industry.
LRI offers a range of rope access and height safety solutions.
RTO-qualified LRI provides accredited life and rescue training.
All life, rescue and asset-protection equipment provided by LRI is fully serviced.
LRI offers fire-fighting and emergency response services for the offshore industry.
  • Fire fighting
  • Confined-space safety and rescue
  • Risk management
  • Emergency response
  • Evacuation
  • Height safety and rescue
  • Rope rescue
  • Closed-circuit oxygen breathing equipment benchman and operator certification
  • Refuge station operation
  • Motor vehicle recovery
  • Mines rescue
  • Donut rescue systems
  • Helicopter underwater escape training (HUET) and offshore sea survival (to be in place at our specialised offshore oil and gas and maritime facility in Fremantle by June 2010)

Offshore life, rescue and asset-protection equipment and servicing

LRI collaborates with an array of partners in order to offer complete life, rescue and asset protection equipment for the oil and gas industry. We act as agents for MSA, Pac Fire, Wiltrading Fire Services, ICS, BW, Capital Safety, Single Rope Technique (SRT), Sabre and the Fire Prevention Association of Australia (FPAA).

Offshore life and rescue equipment

Our equipment offering includes fire-fighting, confined-space, access and rescue equipment, height safety and height rescue equipment, self-contained breathing apparatus (including long-duration oxygen rebreather equipment), fixed and portable gas detection equipment, and marine life-saving appliances such as liferafts, lifejackets, immersion suits, SOLAS firesuits, personnel transfer capsules (FROG) and descent devices (DONUT), safety grab bags, offshore equipment cabinets, and IMO life saving and fire signage equipment.

Offshore equipment servicing

Equipment servicing can be provided on-site. These services are offered for breathing apparatus, high-pressure breathing air compressors, oxygen booster pumps, gas detection equipment, gas suits, quick-changeover stations, fast-fill stations, height safety equipment, anchor points, lifelines, life rafts, marine fixed fire-suppression equipment and portable fire extinguishers, fast rescue craft, lifeboat and davit systems, to OEM, SOLAS and CLASS recertification requirements and more.

Offshore industrial rope access and height safety systems

LRI’s access division provides industrial rope access and height safety solutions for the offshore oil and gas industry, as well as asset maintenance, repair and replacement services. We provide world-class IRATA-accredited rope access personnel to conduct such activities as:

  • NDT inspection services (UT, MPI and visual)
  • Condition surveys
  • Emergency make-safe and temporary repairs
  • Remedial repairs: concrete, metal, block work and timber
  • Coating systems
  • Blasting
  • Bolt monitoring on triax and thrust hinges using hydraulic tensioners
  • Testing and materials sampling
  • Welding and custom fabrication
  • Tower maintenance: blasting, painting and repairs
  • Stand-by safety supervision / management
  • Netting work platforms – SINCO from US
  • Various maintenance tasks in difficult-to-access areas

Offshore risk-assessment consultancy services

LRI’s consultancy service is the choice of many major organisations because of our experience in high-risk tasks and strong focus on risk assessment. LRI consultancy utilises a range of tools developed specifically for assessing tasks and controls outside the realm of normal day-to-day work.

Fire-fighting and emergency response training

LRI provides nationally recognised training qualification units of competency in various training disciplines for all organisations. Our team of training experts have varied backgrounds which include:

  • Royal Marine Commandos
  • Australian Special Air Services (SAS)
  • Fire-safety training officers
  • Demolition users
  • Fire-fighting operations in the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF)
  • NSW hazmat and rescue instructors
  • Aircraft marshalling and airfield safety
  • Demolition users
  • Nuclear, biological and chemical defence operators
  • Aviation emergency response, rescue and fire fighting teams
  • Commercial diving teams
  • Saturation diving teams
  • Diver rescue teams
  • Roping and vertical rescue teams
  • Confined-space rescue teams

With a focus on life and rescue, a pool of highly qualified personnel and emphasis on asset protection, LRI ensures a unique and relevant offering that makes us the choice of many leading Australian companies.