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Safety and Survival Training Courses

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From two dedicated training facilities in Indonesia, Samson Tiara provides a wide range of safety training services to the offshore/onshore oil and gas, maritime, underwater, construction, mining, aviation and general hazardous industries.

OPITO-approved offshore training courses

In April 2004, Samson Tiara received official OPITO accreditation for a variety of courses, becoming the first training provider in Indonesia to have gained OPITO approval.

Basic offshore safety induction and emergency training (T-BOSIET)

The OPITO-approved T-BOSIET course is the most widely taught course for oil and gas workers in Indonesia. The T-BOSIET covers the minimum safety and survival requirements for working offshore in a tropical region.

The survival of an offshore worker can depend on their knowledge of what to do in an emergency and how to prevent an emergency from occurring. This course trains the worker to prevent emergencies and to respond to emergency situations, which may occur when working on an offshore installation.

the OPITO-approved lifeboat coxswain course consists of practical exercises on preparing the lifeboat for launch, briefing passengers, course headings, recovering survivors from the water, correct use of air and sprinkler systems, towing and passenger management.
The OERTM course covers areas such as basic fire theory, extinguishing agents, application of foam and water, hazardous material containment and confined space rescue, amongst others.
We offer a two-day confined-space (entrant / attendant) training course, as well as a three-day confined-space entry and rescue (CSER) training course.
The fall protection and basic rescue (FPBR) course will provide workers / trainees with the knowledge and skills required to work safely at heights using fall protection equipment and techniques.
Our HUET training course trains students to properly react to and survive a helicopter ditching at sea.

The course covers safety induction, helicopter underwater escape (HUET), basic sea survival, basic first aid, basic firefighting and self rescue. The course also covers all the mandatory requirements for the issue of certificates for offshore safety training in Indonesia.

Offshore emergency response team member (OERTM)

The OPITO approved OERTM course is designed to provide offshore fire fighters with the knowledge and skills to safely and effectively respond to an emergency on an offshore installation. The classroom sessions cover basic fire theory, fire suppression equipment, personnel protective equipment, including SCBA, extinguishing agents, application of foam and water, fire fighting tactics, hazardous material containment and confined space rescue. Additionally, casualty recovery and related equipment is covered.

During the course, delegates will gain an advanced level of understanding and awareness of firefighting techniques and how to work in a fire team. This is accomplished through advanced practical exercises, including fighting multiple fires, both internal and external, with fire teams using hose lines (water and foam) and SCBA.

Offshore lifeboat coxswain course (COX)

The OPITO approved Offshore Lifeboat Coxswain Course is designed for personnel designated as lifeboat coxswain on offshore installations. During the course delegates will learn and demonstrate to a level of competence all aspects of preparation, launching, leading, maneuvering and retrieval of a totally enclosed lifeboat (TEMPSC). The training consists of practical exercises on preparing the lifeboat for launch, briefing passengers, course headings, recovering survivors from the water, correct use of air and sprinkler systems, towing and passenger management.

International minimum industry safety training (IMIST)

The OPITO approved IMIST training program brings for the first time a standardised level of basic safety training to an estimated 1.5 million oil and gas workers worldwide. The training assesses basic safety knowledge in nine subject areas including risk assessment, asset integrity, the use of hazardous substances, working at height and mechanical lifting among other subjects. It is recommended training for all workers in the oil and gas industry.

Oil pollution preparedness response and cooperation (OPRC)-IMO level 1, 2 and 3

These OPRC-IMO courses, accredited by the Nautical Institute in line with IMO standards, are designed to instruct delegates in how to properly respond to, contain and clean up an oil spill off shore, near shore or on shore. Through its partnership with PT OSCT, Indonesia’s largest and most experienced oil spill response team, Samson Tiara is the only international and government recognized provider for this training in Indonesia.

Level 1, for responders, provides insight and knowledge on how to prepare for an oil spill response, the proper equipment and deployment techniques so that they can follow the correct course of action.

Level 2, for on-scene commanders, provides insight and knowledge on how to coordinate an oil spill response in order to understand the most effective strategies to follow.

Level 3, for senior managers, provides insight and knowledge for the development of an oil spill prevention plan, as well as how to manage a spill at management level.

Confined space

Samson Tiara’s two-day confined space (entrant / attendant) training course is designed to provide workers and supervisors with the knowledge and skills required to work in a confined space environment. Delegates will receive training and certification appropriate for entrants and safety attendants for confined spaces.

Also offered is a three-day confined space entry and rescue (CSER) course, which is designed for those who may be required to participate in the rescue of an incapacitated worker from within a confined space. The course uses an intensive training drill to give trainees the skills required to conduct a confined-space rescue safely and effectively.

Other courses

Samson Tiara offers a wide range of other courses including basic first aid, advanced first aid, basic sea survival, fast rescue craft coxswain, fall protection and basic rescue, HUET, emergency breathing systems (EBS), helideck landing officer, helideck assistant, offshore emergency helideck team member, basic firefighting, Ahli K3 Umum, fire warden, accident and incident investigation, job safety analysis, manual handling and more.

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