Every company with an installation needs a proper management system and a skilled person who can work with it. These three elements cannot be seen separately. A skilled person is more than someone who learned a trick. “A monkey you learn a trick, a man you learn to think.”

Quercus offers specified solutions for setting up and managing your electrotechnical measurement and control systems. After conducting preliminary research, a set of measures can be offered so your organisation, resources, methods and laws and regulations are optimally applied to ensure a safe and effectual installation.

Electrotechnical measurement and control system installation

We offer knowledge and insight into the management of technical installations, using qualified people who know what technical management demands. Our inspection services determine the status and scope of the technical management and provide you with advice and support.

In order to reach a sustained result, assurances need to be made through securing. Securing occurs through training and education. Inspections, consultancy and trainings currently on market often do not deliver the desired result. An inspection is only useful if the inspection’s results yield an improvement programme for the technical management. Consultancy, in turn, is only useful if the client gains progress from it. Training is only useful if people actually perform better because of it. Why tire people with matters that do not increase their productivity but merely provide them with a piece of paper?

By using a thermographic camera, it is possible to see where a lot of heat builds up in the installations; these are points that require extra attention.
Our practical labs are of an excellent level of quality and provide enough diversity to train students properly.
The practical lab in Zwolle is our newest addition and has grown into the largest switching centre in the Netherlands since.
Quercus is the only training institute in the Netherlands officially licensed (by JTL CompEx) to provide training for employees in explosion hazardous areas.
Quercus provides training at any location desired, using our mobile practical training centres.

For a lasting result, securing needs to take place. We can offer securing through training and education. Training founded on practice with theoretical knowledge added is the key to servicing our clients. This provides them with the greatest added value.

Practical training for electrotechnical measurement and control systems

Often the effectiveness of theoretical training alone is insufficient. Back in one’s own environment, the world looks different more often than not. Research shows that only about 10% to 40% of investments in vocational training result in changes in the working situation. A proper transfer between learning and working is missing. Specified training that can be tested in practice is the key herein. Succeeding in doing so means that the motivation of the employee and with it the efficiency of the knowledge gained is improved significantly. In other words: practical training.

Quercus links practice to theory and theory to practice. Our qualitatively high-grade teachers provide support and guidance to heighten the knowledge and know-how of students and to practice the accompanying skills. Training does not stop at the transfer of knowledge. What matters is that the knowledge gained is applied in one’s own company’s situation and practice. In this way, people understand what they are doing.

Safe conduct primarily stems from competence. Naturally, earning a certificate is an affirmation of the knowledge gained, but when the knowledge cannot be translated to practice or cannot be applied, or the knowledge insufficiently connects theory to practice, then merely adding to technical knowledge is not the solution. Understand what you are doing and do what you understand. If not, it is merely a trick somebody learned.

Inspection, consultancy and training services for industrial installations

Quercus delivers services in the form of inspection, consultancy and training to industrial companies who deal with designing, building, managing and dismantling of industrial installations.

For the realisation of a company’s goals, companies search for ways to make their capital assets manageable. This is only possible with valid installations, a smart management system, and competent personnel. Quercus plays an important role in this. If you own sizeable installations, you will know and find Quercus.