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Technology-Driven Training Solutions for Offshore Personnel

Rheinmetall is a leading developer and supplier of advanced technology-based training systems for oil and gas industry personnel.

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Rheinmetall is a leading developer and supplier of advanced technology-based training systems for oil and gas industry personnel.

We provide a range of training solutions that have been specially created to ensure personnel are equipped with valuable professional skills and situational awareness, as well as high-proficiency in communications and teamwork.

Our systems have been proven to optimise the efficiency and safety of clients’ marine operations, in addition to increasing their environmental protection capabilities.

State-of-the-art training facilities for marine operations

The rapidly expanding offshore power industry faces the challenge that an increasing number of experienced geologists, engineers and skilled workers will be required to sustain future operations.

Rheinmetall offers a range of training simulation solutions that have been specifically developed for the offshore sector, allowing personnel to gain skills in upstream, midstream and downstream processes in a virtual environment.
The company’s products are based around a hands-on, ‘learning by doing’ philosophy and have been proven to boost the efficiency and safety of offshore operations.
Our innovative training programmes use advanced simulation and scenario-based technologies, and can be customised by the customer to suit their own facility’s operational needs.

This gap will need filling by new personnel who may be well educated but possess little practical experience.

Additionally, the nature of the entire oil and gas sector means that the entire industry is faced with a high rate of personnel turnover. Both factors lead to a significant loss of operational expertise.

With this in mind, Rheinmetall has developed a portfolio of innovative and customisable process simulation-based training facilities that ensure the preservation of key knowledge regarding processes, procedures and best practices.

Advanced 3D-visualisation training for oil and gas operators

Rheinmetall considers technology-driven training to be the key to creating a workforce that is readily capable of handling the energy industry of the future.

Our training concept has been carefully designed with an appreciation of the fact that ‘learning by doing’ has shown to be one of the most effective methods for gaining knowledge and retaining information, evidenced by its frequent use within complex industries where safety and worker reliability are of the utmost importance.

Our powerful cross-platform media programmes combine cutting-edge elements such as advanced simulation-based training, scenario-based simulator training and 3D-visualisation training to allow trainers to find the best path to building competency for both control board operators, engineers and field personnel.

Rheinmetall’s comprehensive simulation systems are able to address all aspects and requirements of the upstream and downstream oil and gas industry, providing clients with a reliable and all-inclusive training solution.

Simulation-based training solutions for safe marine operations

Oil companies’ exploration and production activities can become more dangerous as they move from remote locations such as the tight sands and shallow waters towards deepsea areas and more unpredicable environments.

The quality offered by Rheinmetall’s simulation-based training helps reduce these risks, allowing marine operators to ensure the safety, reliability, efficiency and profitability of their activities.

Rheinmetall’s pioneering training concept and advanced simulation technologies enable operators to conduct a range of programmes from basic to emergency procedures, as well as maximise profitability by optimising operations and reducing outages or other downtime periods.

Our dependable, self-contained training system increases staff competency and responsibility, and can be used to educate newly recruited employees and retrain existing staff.

Bespoke process simulators for offshore personnel training

Rheinmetall’s simulation system is a universal solution that allows customers to develop their own tailor-made process simulators for the extraction, separation and initial processing of crude oil and natural gas according to their own operational needs.

Our extensive portfolio of training systems includes solutions for upstream, midstream and downstream processes in order to ensure that personnel are readily equipped to deal with every aspect of marine industry operations.


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