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Scaffolding and Access Consultancy / Management Services

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2012 Access offers professional consultancy management associated with the scaffolding and access sectors. All our services are carried out using trained, experienced and qualified personnel who have in excess of 20 years’ experience in the access sectors.

Our principle areas of business are both on and offshore, supporting oil operators, EPC providers, power generation, energy providers and services contractors, as well as the UK domestic sector. We believe we are well placed to provide professional support, and to bring very specific knowledge to a very specialised industry sector.

Scaffolding and access consultancy services

2012 Access is focused on providing support and assistance to our clients across the oil and gas, power, energy, construction and domestic sectors. Our core services include procedural compliance, non-conformance reporting, risk and safety management, continual improvement, contractor assessment, KPI introduction and monitoring, and company health checks as well as commercial management and supply chain support.

High-quality oil and gas consultancy services

2012 Access is focused on safety, delivery, and ensuring standards are adhered. Our unique enthusiastic culture, integrity, honesty and determination to succeed, coupled with our extensive experience, allows us to deliver quality to international standards.

2012 Access’ scaffolding and access consultancy services support oil operators, EPC providers and power generation providers.
2012 Access provides a range of consultancy services, including procedural compliance, non-conformance reporting, and risk and safety management.
2012 Access standardises systems throughout business units, which reduces risk to associated business activities and stakeholders.
2012 Access offers supply chain management, cost control and project reporting support.
2012 Access provides project-specific business and quality plans, as well as audit and consultation feedback.

2012 Access’s strategy covers the provision of ensuring procedural compliance, non-conformance reporting, continual improvement, risk and safety management, KPI introduction and monitoring, and contractor review and compliance.

Risk-management support systems

2012 Access’ solutions minimise the gaps in operating procedures. By standardising systems throughout business units, consistency and alignment is achievable. Organisational cultures can be challenged and adapted to accept change, reducing risk to associated business activities and stakeholders.

We believe support systems are central and core to all business activities. By ensuring these are monitored and maintained through regular audit, organisations will reduce risk associated with non conformance (which may lead to accidents and incidents).

Supply chain management, cost control and project reporting

2012 Access is able to provide assistance with supply chain management, cost control and project reporting. Commercial delivery and cost reduction through the detailed preparation of bid documents provides enhanced risk evaluation, and through established “norms” we are able to effectively measure and manage individual contracts.

Project-specific business and quality plans

2012 Access generates a project-specific business and quality plan for all contracts, which is prepared in conjunction with client requirements. These documents play a major role in the management and co-ordination of all new business undertaken by 2012 Access.

Audit and consultation feedback

2012 Access provides regular feedback throughout the period of an audit or a longer consultation period. Frequent constructability reviews of how an audit is progressing will be forwarded weekly to a client-appointed person.

Assess industry commercial assistance services

Through a number of years in the access industry, 2012 Access has developed commercial plans and strategies, which can be aligned to meet specific client needs. These include the following:

  • Commercial evaluation
  • ITT preparation
  • Business cost modelling
  • P&L preparation / forecasting
  • Capex management
  • Contract management and control
  • Supply chain management

Access and scaffolding project experience

2012 Access has extensive project and business experience. The key to success in the access and scaffolding industry is to maximise uptime and to minimise downtime. Through innovations and applying industry-best procedures and systems, we believe we have the ability to bring benefit and sustainability to your business.

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2012 Access
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