baker marine solutions

Baker Marine Solutions (BMS) specialises in the provision of expert consulting, assurance and risk mitigation services for the oil and gas sector, enabling customers to optimise the safety, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of their offshore operations.

Our wide-ranging professional capabilities include specialist dynamic positioning (DP) assurance, on-board representation services and warranty surveys, as well as a variety of vessel and project management solutions depending on the clients’ specific needs.

We are also able to conduct certification-specific analyses such as Oil Companies International Marine Forum Offshore Vessel Inspection Database (OCIMF-OVID) and International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) Common Marine Inspection Document (CMID) inspections to ensure compliance with the latest industry regulations.

Marine advisory and representation services for offshore operators

BMS regularly provides oil and gas operators with valuable on-board representation services, which are intended to help clients minimise risks and improve overall operational efficiency throughout the project lifecycle.

BMS’s portfolio of professional support solutions are designed to assist clients in optimising the effectiveness and profitability of their marine operations, while ensuring compliance with the latest industry regulations.
Our experienced team of personnel are available to provide in-depth instruction programmes to ensure clients’ staff are fully trained in the latest IMCA-certified best practices for marine operations.
Our expert dynamic positioning (DP) services are devised and conducted in accordance with the clients’ unique specifications in order to ensure they are supplied with the most suitable DP-enabled vessel for their chosen application.

Our qualified personnel work in close collaboration with the client, vessel and project teams to ensure all activities are conducted in a safe and timely manner in accordance with both customers’ expectations and the relevant industry directives.

We are able to supply expert representation for specific high-risk tasks, in addition to overseeing the day-to-day operation of the plant.

Dynamic positioning (DP) assurance for marine vessels

BMS offers reliable DP assurance services featuring precise evaluations of the current state and capabilities of clients’ DP vessels with respect to a wide variety standards and requirements, including IMCA, flag state and classification society specifications along with clients’ own unique criteria.

We provide constructive third-party assurance services for customers’ annual and proving trials, in addition to offering practical attendance, investigation and evaluation assistance in the event of an accident or other unplanned incidents.

We can deliver customised DP solutions and advice that is tailored to clients’ operational needs, helping them complete chartering operations as quickly and efficiently as possible, while ensuring customers are provided with the safest possible DP-capable vessels.

BMS provides experienced training staff to instruct clients’ personnel in the safest and most effective DP-operating methods and best practices in strict accordance with the latest IMCA specifications.

In addition, our team can carry out careful failure mode and effect studies on both existing and newly delivered vessels, as well as detailed analysis of specific DP vessels’ operations manuals to ensure maximum safety and efficiency.

Professional, impartial inspection services for offshore locations

BMS provides clear, thorough and non-biased inspections of marine vessels and associated equipment in accordance with the latest classification society and industry specifications.

Our meticulous inspection services aim to provide our global client base with practical recommendations that enable them to comply with best industry practices, while improving the quality, health, safety and environmental (QHSE) standards of both their vessels and operational activities.

Our experienced team of 13 accredited inspectors has carried out hundreds of OCIMF-OVID inspection projects worldwide involving an all-inclusive range of marine vessels since the database was first established, ranging from small crew boats to larger infrastructure such as mobile offshore drilling units (MODUs).

BMS’s versatile capabilities also include in-depth IMCA CMID / SVIC compliance assessments, in addition to a wide selection of fit-for-purpose, pre-purchase, suitability and on / off hire surveys depending on the customers’ individual needs.

Marine warranty solutions for safe transportation processes

BMS’s marine warranty services are designed to assist the safe transportation of high-risk cargo during transference offshore or on land.

Our expert mariners ensure that every detail and risk factor is managed by accurately verifying the client’s own sea-fastening criteria, while providing vital supervision during loading, offloading and other operations as required.

We are committed to providing our customers with dependable verification to facilitate safe and economical operations, while leveraging our decades of industry expertise to efficiently mitigate offshore risks.

Simultaneous operations (SIMOPS) planning support for subsea applications

BMS is able to provide simultaneous operations (SIMOPS) management support to help alleviate any hazards that may occur when two or more operations are being conducted at the same time in close proximity.

Our SIMOPS services assist clients in the implementation of correct planning, risk management and supervision procedures during these scenarios, as well as facilitating communication between all involved parties to ensure optimum safety and efficiency.

We offer a range of solutions for emergency applications, as well as support clients in the development and execution of planned SIMOPS management strategies, from the initial conception phase through to practical, day-to-day implementation.

About Baker Marine Solutions

Louisiana-based Baker Marine Solutions was originally established in 2008 and comprises a dedicated team of personnel possessing hundreds of years of combined experience in the offshore industry.

We have provided comprehensive analyses for a wide selection of major oil companies on-board some of the marine sector’s largest and most complex offshore vessels, ranging from Spar and tension leg platforms (TLPs) to sophisticated DP and drilling vessels.

Our marine professionals, OCIMF-OVID inspection specialists and DP experts are able to provide key insights into the current challenges facing the oil and gas sector, making us equally qualified to assist both charterers and vessel operators in meeting their safety, efficiency and profitability targets.