BlastOne International is an industry-leading supplier of high-performance blasting and coating solutions, abrasive materials and related support services for the global oil and gas sector.

Our effective rental solutions are certified in accordance with the latest quality and safety standards and can be customised to ensure optimum compatibility with clients’ unique project requirements.

Comprehensive blasting solutions for offshore platforms

BlastOne offers a comprehensive portfolio of rental blasting and coating solutions, enabling customers to hire everything they need for their operations from a single, well-trusted source.

Our catalogue of industrial blasting and coating equipment covers every aspect of an offshore project, including large site systems such as compressors, dust collectors and dehumidifiers. We also provide hazardous waste management and vacuum recovery solutions to facilitate safe and efficient operations throughout the development lifecycle.

BlastOne Vacuload system used for abrasive recovery on Bayu-Undan LNG platform.
BlastOne AirPrep air dryer on Bayu-Undan LNG platform.
Supply of equipment and consumables to PNG LNG construction project CJJV, Meisei, Sinyo, BAM Clough, CB&I and Clough Amec.
Supply of equipment and consumables for Esso / BHP offshore oil and gas platforms in Bass Strait.
Blasting contractor wearing personal protective equipment and blasting with GMA Garnet abrasive.
Coating contractor spray painting with an airless paint sprayer, while wearing personal protective equipment.

Our wide selection of specialist equipment, such as blast machines, sprayers and ultra-high-pressure water jet technologies, have been specially developed to offer outstanding performance and reliability.

We provide cutting-edge final inspection instruments to allow customers to verify the successful completion of their blasting and coating projects first-hand, including precise dry film thickness (DFT) gauges, climatic measuring apparatus and dust test kits.

Additionally, our versatile offering of rental containment facilities includes an array of standard sheeting products in various sizes and configurations, in addition to hard-wearing enclosure solutions that can be modified to suit the intended project area.

High-performance blasting equipment for marine projects

BlastOne’s innovative blasting and coating equipment has been purposefully designed to enable clients to complete their projects with optimum speed, safety and efficiency, while reducing material waste during operations.

We provide high-performance solutions for both fixed and mobile offshore activities of every scale, ranging from full-site facilities to smaller, on-site units depending on the customers’ needs.

Our extensive product catalogue comprises easy-to-use non-sparking hand tools and certified blast hose assemblies, in addition to a line of powerful vapour blasters, spray guns and airless pump units in a variety of size and pressure specifications to suit a range of project requirements.

We also offer an assortment of mobile dust collection systems with suction capacities from 6,000 to 100,000 cubic feet per minute (cfm) to facilitate quick and easy clean-up during and after operations.

Zone-certified blasting systems for offshore sites

BlastOne can provide a wide range of ATEX, Zone 1, Zone 2 and RigSafe-rated equipment, depending on customers’ intended application. Systems can be further customised to ensure maximum compatibility with the specific worksite conditions and relevant industry regulations.

Our systems are certified in accordance with the latest lifting equipment standards and can be equipped with zero-dust technology when required. The versatile and adaptable nature of our solutions enables them to be used for a wide variety of applications, including deck cleaning activities.

We also stock an array of robust personal protective equipment (PPE) and accessories such as heavy-duty blast helmets, spray masks and breathing air systems, which are designed to enable customers to complete their blasting and coating projects safely, while meeting the latest work safety standards.

On-site training and support solutions for marine blasting equipment

BlastOne’s highly qualified trainers and technicians are available to provide expert training and support services for the company’s blast, paint and water-jetting systems to ensure clients are able to operate the equipment effectively and achieve consistently excellent results.

Our on-site training programmes have been proven to save clients both time and money by minimising travel requirements, while instruction can be provided either on-shore or offshore depending on the customer’s preference.

About BlastOne

With offices and warehouses close to key offshore supply bases, BlastOne International is committed to supplying clients with industry-leading solutions and services to address all their individual offshore blasting and coating requirements.

BlastOne shows its commitment to its customers across Australia and South East Asia by supplying equipment quickly to even the most remote locations.

We operate numerous office locations worldwide to enable our dedicated and highly proficient team to get to customers quickly in the unlikely event of a malfunction or loss in production.

Support bases in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia allows us to provide fast back-up for offshore needs.

We also possess multiple warehouses stocked with a wide range of equipment and spare parts to ensure clients are supplied with the tools and components required to complete their projects as soon as possible.

BlastOne operates internationally with locations in Australia, New Zealand, North America and the UK to make sure customers are provided with high-quality customer service and short lead-times wherever they are based.

Our dedication to superior performance is exemplified by our tagline ‘Performance3’, the combination of key industry expertise with high-quality abrasives and cutting-edge equipment.