Project Management, Consultancy, Engineering, and Design Services for the Oil and Gas Industry

via Circonvallazione Piazza d'Armi 130,
48122 Ravenna (RA),

via Circonvallazione Piazza d'Armi 130,
48122 Ravenna (RA),

CONS.MED is a multidisciplinary company serving Italian firms in the oil and gas industry. It provides feasibility studies, engineering, supply, and design and construction services for civil structural foundations.

Oil and gas project management

Many CONS.MED associates have more than 20 years of experience developing oil and gas projects, largely from working with ENI-AGIP company-based projects in the Ravenna district for offshore installations in the Adriatic Sea. Project work has previously included designing production facilities, pipelines, treatment and storage for extraction and production of natural gas.

Today, the company takes care of every aspect, from project management and facilitation services, upgrade plans to system design, hazard and risk analysis, and site supervision. Its team have all the skills, resources and enforcement needed to follow the developing onshore and offshore facilities for oil, gas, LNG and all related products.

In fact, they have developed patented systems for natural gas treatment, mechanical facilities, LPG facilities and many other systems and equipment.

Safety environmental sustainability and soil reclamation services

Health and safety, environmental sustainability and soil reclamation are additional services CONS.MED can provide to clients. CONS.MED’s experience in these areas is applied to all projects when required, through processes such as EIAs, EISs, HAZOPs and, mainly, socio-economic studies relating to the social impact of oil exploration and production in developing areas, with particular skills and experience in African regions.

CONS.MED’s staff possess expertise in many aspects of risk assesment, including failure to adhere to procedure, the impact of fires, and explosions on platform structures.

Oil and gas project management and facilitation services

CONS.MED offer comprehensive project management and facilitation services, through the combination of our experienced management team and efficiency.

CONS.MED capabilities cover most important aspects of process engineering, including gas-oil separation-plants (GOSP), natural gas processing and compression, LNG and LPG ‘off sites’ plant .

Pipeline design, engineering and operational services

CONS.MED provides design, engineering and operational advice relating to overland and subsea pipelines. Its staff have previous offshore experience on subsea pipeline design, including trenching, laying and landfalls.

Oil and gas engineering services

Total, multi-disciplinary engineering services are the core of CONS.MED’s oil and gas work. Its capability covers all project phases, from conceptual and feasibility studies, through project execution and operational phases, to facilities’ decommissioning.






Hail Field, Abu Dhabi

Hail field is located approximately 10km south of the Mubarraz artificial Island in the shallow waters of the Arabian Gulf offshore Abu Dhabi, UAE.

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via Circonvallazione Piazza d'Armi 130

48122 Ravenna (RA)