DecomWorld is a leading business intelligence provider for the oil and gas industry, specialising in decommissioning projects and regulation support.

DecomWorld serves over 10,000 senior-level decision makers globally, including key projects in the Gulf of Mexico, North Sea, Asia pacific and the West coast of Africa, making the company extremely well placed to provide informed, intelligent advice on end-of-life assets.

Business critical services for decommissioning projects

DecomWorld provides the following services, all tailored to meet the specific requirements of each client, all of which are strategically designed to get the most out of clients’ end-of-life projects. These services include:

  • Market leading, focused conferences
  • In-depth industry reports
  • Online content including expert interviews, presentations and analysis
  • Fortnightly e-newsletters

Key contacts in the oil and gas industry

DecomWorld’s vast network of key industry experts can provide expert advice and contacts for decommissioning challenges, using its services to channel this information to the oil and gas markets.

DecomWorld provides strategy and support services for oil and gas installation decommissioning projects.
DecomWorld has key industry contacts to offer expert advice for companies across the globe.
DecomWorld organises events and conferences to unite clients with industry experts for training and networking.

Events and workshops on managing end-of-life-assets

DecomWorld organises several high-profile events and workshops for decommissioning projects in the oil and gas industry; helping attendees to plan strategies, learn more about international rules and regulations, network, hear from industry experts and learn new technologies and best-practise techniques.

DecomWorld’s annual offshore decommissioning workshop, held in Asia, includes two full days of training led by experts from BP and Reverse Engineering, as well as a chance to examine the latest technological innovations and strategies to improve project efficiency.

The workshop also covers case studies and updates in the Asia Pacific market, and a review of the impacts end-of-life assets can have on the environment.