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Energy & Power Consultants

Independent Offshore and Power-Generation Engineering, Project and Technical Management Consultancy

22 Newman Street,
W1T 1PH Other,
United Kingdom

Energy & Power is an independent engineering, project and technical management consultancy. We apply our experience in offshore industries and major onshore power-generation projects to energy, power, process, petrochemical, remediation and sustainability projects in a range of environments.

We offer clients an integrated service for project evaluation and management, engineering and technical development, and final commissioning.

Offshore project consulting – management, strategy, lifecycle planning, and facilities and process design

Based on experience gained in all sectors and across the globe we have honed our own fully-accredited management systems. We make those services available to clients either within an engineering project team or as an independent business counsel service. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Business structure and strategy: assistance and counsel on the implementation of robust protocols and procedures when moving into production and related industry areas
  • Cross-cultural development: soft issues associated with a country’s culture and business ethics will often weigh heavily on project success
  • Lifecycle planning: such planning is fundamental to a realistic business case that considers all costs, functional requirements and eventual decommissioning and reinstatement
  • Health, safety and environment: the health of all those involved in a development is of paramount importance, and the environment is fleetingly in our custody – to be handed on intact or enhanced
  • Risk management: identification, assessment, removal, reduction and management are crucially important components in the quantitative decrease of risk
  • Value improvement: the increase in value or functionality within a cost-controlled environment is a far more useful business tool than simply paring or lopping elements to meet a project budget
  • Facilities and process design: whether for improvements on existing facilities or development of new ones, thorough scheme development is crucial to all aspects of business and value planning
  • Reliability, availability and maintainability: accurate assessment of these factors is a key component in production, operational and lifecycle costing

Turnkey offshore project management systems

Energy & Power takes major projects from the point of inception through sanction and into production. During that process crucial decisions must be made within a responsive but structured management system, by skilled project managers.

Energy & Power has developed just such a project management system, giving demonstrable control, a sequential decision-making process, and an overall audit record. Its protocols and procedures are operated by experienced, industry-recognised engineers and business professionals.

Gated project management system

With Professor Tony Day of London South Bank University, Energy & Power has further developed its gated project management system. At each decision gate – from project definition, through scope development, feasibility, front-end engineering and onwards – the documentation and design information required to allow fully informed judgements is defined and delivered.

Engineering design and staff

Engineering is at the heart of our business, and our principal resource is our chartered engineering staff. Our approach is intellectually rigorous so that we develop optimum solutions, not a minimally compliant response. We integrate engineering design from the outset, continually refining that design during each project stage.

Oil, gas, LNG and petro-chemical process engineering

Process engineering is the foundation of many of our projects, and we provide expertise in each of the many sub-specialities, including oil, gas, LNG and petro-chemicals. Each discipline has specialists in particular aspects, such as rotating machinery, safety, reliability, power generation, subsea structures and commissioning.

Naval architecture is provided as either an engineering or consultancy service, and is a discipline central to many offshore developments in both traditional and renewable energy sectors. From scope definition to commissioning and operation, unique and unrivalled design experience is available to bring projects to a fully engineered conclusion.

Technology development

Technology is seen by many as a panacea to the energy challenges and potential environmental ills that face us. The development and deployment of appropriate technology is an intellectual and organisational challenge requiring skill, experience and tenacity. Our engineers always strive to improve and our solutions are often technologically innovative. In our business counsel we frequently investigate or develop technology-intensive or technology-dependent schemes.

Safety and environmental consultancy in subsurface exploration and engineering

Our due diligence reviews are often commissioned by institutions seeking to commit to the development of new technologies. In our own work in dynamics imulation we utilise state-of-the-art techniques to provide optimised and rationalised processes and installations to clients.

In the rapidly developing world of subsurface exploration and engineering the need to stay abreast of developments is vital in serving our clients’ best interests. In safety and environmental consultancy the use of the latest modelling and simulation techniques allows us to maintain the exceptional standards that our blue-chip clients demand.

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